Forecast for Oct. 28 – Nov. 3, 2013

“There’s no point in regretting things that have gone to the trouble of happening.” — Horatio Fisk, in “Dean Spanley”

A powerhouse, milestone week is here. It begins with the mental equivalent of fastening your seat belt and ends with a depth charge that blasts us into wildly different circumstances.

Don’t panic! You have more than an inkling of what’s at stake. Everything that happens is an organic outgrowth of decisions, realizations and metamorphoses that are already in process.  Besides, this is the time of year when the veil between worlds is said to be at its thinnest. Take the rampant Halloween decor and festivities as reminders that you have experience dealing with — and making light of — potentially dark matters.

We’ve reached the fourth stage in the radical restructuring of your foundation that’s been going on since the summer of 2012. (The previous stages were in June and September of last year and this past May.)  Late August birthed a new phase, whether in outlook, your sense of your identity or in relation to an external factor. October’s Libra New Moon put relationships on notice that it’s time for them to change in response. Now the remodeling work intensifies even more dramatically, with ramifications stretching out into next year and beyond.

You go into this with some clarity. The week begins with thoughts, information or messages that define the situation. Actively seek them out. When retrograde Mercury meets order-loving Saturn on Tuesday, walls, obligations and responsibilities become visible. You gain a sense of reality — or, if you take issue with that concept, what’s feasible — which you can use as a grounding cord or seat belt.

From this base of stability, actions proceed with enormous efficiency, effectiveness and potency, A direct current completes on Wednesday between two forces of will, Mars and Pluto, whose teamwork makes elbow grease unnecessary. Scant pressure leads to huge progress, deep cuts (need to get ride of anything?) and long-lasting effects.   Too, a divine hand is wielding a scalpel, which may strike without warning. Cuts will be clean and so quick that you don’t feel them till afterward.

These are just the warmup to the big events, which are occurring so close together that we won’t be able to distinguish their impact:  the exact Uranus/Pluto square on Friday and Sunday’s solar eclipse in Scorpio. Their effect is a cluster of explosive, deep, monumental endings, reshaping, and dramatic new starts.

The square is a culminating moment in the ongoing clash between the agents of unpredictable and unavoidable change, Uranus and Pluto. (For the context, read my article Clash of the Titans.) They are hitting the same territory, themes and issues for the fourth time in 18 months. This assault, is different, however, because it has curative properties.

The therapeutic potential comes from the role being played by Chiron, who embodies our abiding wound and the challenge to rise above it and master physical existence.  We have to
reach for his help just now, but the rewards are worth it. Pluto, lord of death and regeneration, is making an opportunity aspect to the dwarf planet of healing, while Uranus the awakener is in a growth aspect.

Watch for a sense of light hitting and curing dank, rotting places, of mold being remediated, and of a boil being lanced. Hidden threats and decay are coming to consciousness, and the potential is enormous for resolution and healing as a result. You might not like everything you see, but be honest; isn’t it better to know what you’re facing, so you can address it, rather than allow it to fester and grow?

You may fine-tune the restructuring you’ve been doing, ditch some plans and dream up something better. It’s also highly possible that you will jettison longstanding baggage for good. This dovetails completely with Sunday’s New Moon, a solar eclipse in Scorpio, and the third rebooting event in the resources-focused eclipse cycle we’re in from last November through next year.  This one is uncommonly intense and life-shaping for several reasons.

Eclipses always shut shut out situations and people. Deaths, endings and metaphoric plastic surgery will be rolling out for months from this eclipse. That’s not only because it’s ruled by Pluto, lord of transformation, but also because of his current clash with Uranus. Everything that happens now relates directly and immediately to the upheaval and restructuring you’ve been undergoing.

Everything that departs is making room. That’s a common platitude, but absolutely pertinent now. A solar eclipse reorients and catapults you far.  As you fly ahead, your load is lightening, your focus is tightening, and your self-actualization is ramping up to levels you’ve never experienced.  Distractions and trivialities have no little place or appeal. Taskmaster Saturn is on top of the eclipse, and calling for maturity, responsibility and commitment.

You know better who you are. You are more comfortable showing your true self to the world. You see more clearly your worth and talents, as well as the comparative costs and benefits of each emotional, financial and energetic investment. Acknowledge, honor and thank those who have already departed (Saturday is, after all, All Soul’s Day), as well as those who are parting from you now. Then face forward. Read more about the eclipse in my mooncast, which will be posted by Saturday.


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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