2013 Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

November 3, 2013
4:49 AM PST / 7:449 AM EST / 12:49 PM GMT
11 Scorpio 15

This month’s Scorpio New Moon solar eclipse is the most life-changing milestone in a year full of life-changing milestones.

We’re crossing a threshold for which there is no going back. The break between before and after is as clean as the cut of a guillotine. It’s as if a machete is severing the cord that has held us in place and we’re being catapulted onto a recalculated course.

None of this is news. You’ve already been feeling this. You’ve already been seeing the build-up: the endings, the refocusing and the reorientation that have come to define life lately.  This new moon is taking all of the upheaval, demolition, restructuring and personal revolution of the past 18 months and parlaying them into the path to the future.

This New Moon is a solar eclipse, which blots out much of the past and launches a phase that takes six months or more to play out. Any solar eclipse has a super-sized, momentous feel; this one has that in spades. The Sun and the Moon are making a super-conjunction, which means they are meeting not just by zodiacal degree (the usual new moon set-up), but also by declination. This double-dose concentrates the characteristic of new beginning.

Add that this is in the sign of Scorpio, not exactly the realm of rainbows and unicorns, which always gives an edge of danger, intrigue, darkness, dirty sexy power and high, high stakes, possibly to the point of life-or-death. This eclipse cycle, on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, is rebooting our relationship to money, power, sharing, sex (including forbidden, secretive and triangles), death and taxes — all of which stir intense emotions, and all of which we generally don’t discuss in polite company.

We’re talking now, though, passionately, revealingly. A lot of what we’re thinking, saying and hearing has a quality of fatedness, because cosmic messenger Mercury is on the North Node of destiny. A lot of what’s coming up is from the past, too, since Mercury is retrograde and not merely next to the New Moon, but also the last planet that the luminaries touch before their own meeting.

One time frame that could come back to life is 1993-1995. From last year through next, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle is resurrecting themes, issues, people and situations from then. This week’s solar eclipse ties directly to November 3, 1994. Think back to the stand-out experiences and themes of that time; something now is connecting to them, only with higher stakes and ramifications.

That’s because the current eclipse is hitting in an environment of utter transformation. The eclipse is energetically fused with the latest convulsion in our evolutionary process, and it has an imprint that gives the latest changes staying power

The eclipse’s ruler, Pluto, lord of death and regeneration, is operating these days in tandem with two other fierce forces: Uranus, the agent of unpredictable, radical change, and Saturn, ruler of law, order and structures. They’re teaming in a way that is imposing  lasting order on upheaval, disruption and rebirth.

First, about the disorder: The eclipse reverberates with — and carries forward — last Friday’s clash between Uranus and Pluto, the latest strike in a battle that’s stretching from 2012 to 2015.  This is the fourth exact, action-demanding square between these two giants, working over the same areas of your life, hammering a message but good.  (The previous were in June and September of last year and May of this.) These clashes are completely reshaping personal and collective foundations and structures, shattering restrictions and limitations (which might not have presented themselves as such), and igniting a self-starting, individuating imperative and rebellion against the status quo.

Now, for the order: Saturn is currently doing double-duty to drive home the consequences and seriousness of current developments and to glue them into place. His special relationship to Pluto is tempering the square’s impact (either grounding situations or making them more severe). That relationship is a mutual reception, which comes from each occupying the other’s home sign and results in each affecting the other. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing and renovating our most fundamental structures and institutions. Saturn in Scorpio is making relationship and joint resource issues soberingly real, while also slowing their playing out and requiring mature, responsible behavior.

Amplifying that relationship, Saturn is also right next to the solar eclipse, and he’s the first planet that the Moon and then the Sun will touch when they separate. He’s making everything real. He’s locking those doors that are slamming behind you and vaporizing the keys. He’s solidifying situations, attitudes and relationships that are moving ahead  with you. He’s also a cosmic governor on all those split-second breakthroughs and turn-arounds so that they don’t spin out of control, or fly off the track, or proceed at a pace that would endanger them.

By this point, we’re ready for some stability. We’ve been regaining footing, sifting and sorting through rubble, rebuilding, restructuring, steeling our backbone, reevaluating ruthlessly, saying goodbye, renegotiating and turning our sights more and more toward what is flourishing or growing.

This New Moon looks to the future instead of the past. It requires an adjustment or two in personal courage and willingness to be boldly, bravely true to ourselves. Take a deep breath and go with it. The stretch is easier than you might fear.

Unlike last year’s stark Scorpio solar eclipse, or the previous Uranus/Pluto blasts, the current cluster of energies hand us a can of spinach — and steroid-enhanced spinach at that. All you have to do is take it (but you do need to meet it; it’s not going to drop into your lap.) The New Moon is making an opportunity aspect to both Mars and Pluto, the ruler of our drive and the seat of our power. You’ve got the incentive and the energy to take action, clean up any number of messes and debris, and improve, improve, improve.

With Pluto in the mix, ghosts and monsters could walk into the picture, sure. They’re coming to light so they can shrivel and die, or morph into distant memories. Besides, you’ve come too far to give them the controls. Stand firm in your personal truth and power and look ahead. Remember that cord I mentioned that’s been holding you in place? Yours is the hand that’s severing it. You’ll be in motion before you know it.

My ending words still apply that I wrote for the 2012 Scorpio solar eclipse, which kicked off this cycle:

This protracted moment in time could be the beginning of the most vital, vibrant, exciting, honest stage of your life. It is that beginning, if you make it so. Remember that. Emblazon that in your heart and mind. Gravitate to that and keep the faith, because intensity is not going away … for years. It is now part of the fabric of our life. No more hitting the snooze button. No more sleep walking. We have to wake up. We are awake. And the potential is with us to feel — and be — more fully alive than ever.

A solar eclipse is a doorway that may take six months or so to fully open (or for you to see what’s come through it.) Doorways go both ways, of course. Situations and people leave under them, sometimes breathtakingly quickly; powerful new ones come in.  

Nothing is trivial now. Use the clarifying, purifying and focusing influences to simplify your life. Eliminate broken objects, patterns, situations and relationships. If the effort to put something right outweighs its value to you, out it goes.  Whittle your schedule, activities and connections down as much as you can to only what has meaning and value to you. And for that short list, you’ll find you’re willing to devote the time and do the necessary work, even if it’s scary or uncomfortable, to fit it into your life.

No matter what is going on for you, no matter what unfolds in the next months and weeks, this homing thought will lead you to the beneficial side of this eclipse:  Am I going to live until I die, or die until I die? I’m choosing “live.”  Who’s with me?


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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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