Forecast for Nov. 4-10, 2013

We’re passing through a doorway in personal and collective evolution. You may already be far enough through it to be blasting off, diving deep, or zooming through a wormhole. Or you may be in the dark, sensing vaguely that life is different, maybe not at all sure of where you are at this point. One thing’s for certain, for all of us: We’re well into new territory, flying blind, navigating more by instruments (or sonar) (or trust).

Last weekend’s catalyzing-to-cataclysmic influences are still in effect. Sunday’s life-altering Scorpio solar eclipse is only beginning to play out, refocusing our priorities, direction and intimate relationships. (Get the full scoop about it in my mooncast.) Endings are still in store; it will help to see them as clearing room for the more choice developments that are blossoming.

The pressure is on (though not as fiercely as last week!) to move into a new way of living, courtesy of cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto holding their ground in the degrees of their clash last Friday.  The foundations of our lives have cracked open, but this stage of the process, which stretches from 2012 to 2015,  is less about disruption and more about healing. (Read more in last week’s forecast.)

Shine light into the fissures and onto wounds and grievances, no matter how ancient; exposure will lessen their pain and power. (My high school class’ Facebook group turned into a communal therapy room last week, with people voicing decades-old grievances and others voicing solidarity, or explaining what had been going on in their homes, or arguing that we were children then and are, largely, compassionate adults now.) Give yourself credit for how you’ve far you’ve come. Consider the toll it takes on you to continue feeding the complaints you’re still dragging around. Since you’re rebuilding your life platform anyway, why not carry some of them out with the construction debris?

Cost is increasingly a topic of interest, with Venus moving into no-nonsense Capricorn on Tuesday. Here the goddess of love and creativity loses interest in romantic gestures, bouquets and sweet nothings. She casts a calculating eye on all advances, offers and investments and looks instead for lasting value. What does “it” cost? Is it worth what you get in exchange? Do you really want “it,” anyway? Watch this attitude show up in your relationships, agreements, finances and even gift purchases. We won’t be interested in liaisons unless they fit our values and promise stability and permanence. We’ll also be honing and focusing our desires, and likely cutting out what no longer fits, as Venus glides toward her meeting with Pluto at the end of next week.

This pragmatic approach is with us for far longer than this week and next. It’s here until almost the spring. Venus’ stay in Capricorn is uncommonly long, into the beginning of March, due to her scheduled retrograde from December 20 through the end of January.  (Start checking off your gift list now, by the way; last-minute shopping, after she turns retrograde, is likely to bring disappointment.)

In the midst of the ongoing eruptions, and shifts, and launches, life takes on a slower, calmer, even stuck quality as we get into the weekend. Mercury, the ruler of communication and transportation, is stationing to end his retrograde on Sunday. From Saturday, when he hits the degree of his turnaround, until Wednesday, when he clears it, we may feel suspended in time. The floating can provide the opportunity to get a thorough, probing look at a situation. Instead of succumbing to frustration this week, resolve to seek out the benefits of delays and mishaps. Treasure is lurking in those Scorpio waters. What more can you uncover?


For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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