2013 Taurus Full Moon

November 17, 2013
7:15 AM PST / 10:15 AM EST / 3:15 PM GMT
6  Taurus 45 / 6 Scorpio 45

This month’s Taurus Full Moon casts light on the physicality of your existence. How satisfied are your appetites? Do you have enough? More precisely, do you have enough of what you want?

Your current answers to those questions differ wildly from what you would have said last summer, and probably even last month.  They’re already on your mind, too, because desires and satisfaction of same have been dominating the radar all week. The Taurus Moon’s ruler, Venus, has been on tear with the two cosmic change agents, Uranus (unpredictability, genius and liberation) and Pluto (unavoidability, primal, non-rational impulses and metamorphosis).

Her journey this week has freed you from some desires and connections. It’s awakened you to others, or blasted barriers or them. It finished off some, for good, while a few have drawn you in with the power of a tractor beam. Even though the process created rubble (and may have triggered tears), the Moon is growing full in a soothing, therapeutic environment, with cooperation and mutual support flowing between the masculine and feminine, willpower and hearts, and, in some cases, men and women.

The potential is high for feeling good and comfortable with your life at this point — not in some distant, dreamed-for future, but here and now. The Taurus Moon reminds us of the fact and importance of physicality. Spiritual energy does imbue physical existence, but the earth plane is where that takes place. We are, in the words of the French philosopher Pierre Teilhard du Chardin, spiritual beings having a human experience.

You’ve recently decluttered so much — relationships, possessions, financial arrangements, desires, priorities. What remains is simplified and important. If you’re still amid clutter, or in the throes of situations that do not feed your heart, invoke the purifying vibe that is still in the air. Don’t settle for junk food, metaphorically and literally.  Your body and your soul crave and deserve sustenance.

No matter what has transpired in your life lately, sink into the fullness of what remains.  Honor this Moon with sensual comforts (by your own definition): foods, activities, even clothing.

And tackle that question of whether you have enough. It’s so natural to want more, but the fact of wanting can paradoxically push it away. Rewrite that question. Instead of looking from a perspective of lack or missing, acknowledge what you do possess. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

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