Forecast for Dec. 2-8, 2013

The holiday season is off and running, and our attitudes are catching up with the calendar (and commercial behavior) at last. Nostalgia’s to be expected as we get into the spirit this week, but it’s short-lived. The clouds will fade to show that old traditions are losing their clockwork appeal, while new approaches are gaining ground.

The starting bell sounds with Monday’s New Moon in buoyant Sagittarius, which kindles  inner fires and warm spirits. They’re burning differently this year, though, because of a boost from Uranus, the awakener, agent of unforeseeable change and advocate of alternate viewpoints. The combination is sending off sparks of innovation and egging us on to take risks, shake up our givens and have fun in the process. (Read more in my mooncast.)

Thinking and communication become more excited (and excitable) starting on Wednesday, when cosmic messenger Mercury leaves the heavy waters of Scorpio and warms himself by the fire of Sagittarius. Conversations and the air will lighten up; people will be more jovial and inclined to see the humor in situations. His stay is brief, only until Christmas Eve, but those two weeks will bring enthusiasm, a sense of possibilities, and  running around like crazy.

This weekend, his hard contact with illusionist Neptune kicks up clouds of romanticism and nostalgia. Approach them like cotton candy: Indulge a little (you’ll want to on Sunday, no matter how much you object in advance to the concept), but not too much, lest you get woozy — or a tummy ache.

The sweet confusion has a limited shelf life, but the weekend’s other atmospheric shift will last through July. You’ll have to work at being alone this holiday season, because that will not be the natural order.  Relationships and the art of language, negotiation and, let’s be honest, war are taking center stage when Mars, the planet that rules our ambitions, drive, motivation and energy, moves into Libra on Saturday.

Although he usually zips through a sign in a only a few weeks, Mars is spending the first half of 2014 in Libra, which operates as Relationship Central. One upshot:  Like it or not, we will be pouring energy into figuring out how to coexist with each other.

We started constructing a new platform for that (in our minds, at least) with the Libra New Moon at the beginning of October. Watch for openings and impulses now to implement new approaches and decisions that started dawning then.

We’ve all undergone phenomenal changes throughout the year, and we’ll be dealing with each other differently this holiday season. The big shakeups are scheduled in the last week of the month, when Mars locks into the ongoing battle of cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto. For now, notice who you feel drawn to, who approaches you, and what you decide to do together. It will not recreate your past. The changes could create your vision, though.

For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast. Also check out my outlook for December.

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