2013 Sagittarius New Moon

December 2-3, 2013
4:23 PM PST / 7:23 PM EST / 12:23 AM GMT
11 Sagittarius 0

This year’s Sagittarius New Moon calls for updating how you look at life. It’s disrupting beliefs and assumptions, drawing attention to the impact they have on you — and others — and escalating the reminders that we are all interconnected. And it’s giving you permission to remodel your frame of reference to put enjoying being alive at the center.

The New Moon has the cooperation of one of the forces behind the ongoing change imperative that has been rocking and restructuring our inner and outer worlds: Uranus, the awakener, rebel and advocate of alternative viewpoints. He and his partner-in-change Pluto have already tossed out aspects of your identity and relationships that have expired. It is time now to shake up what you do with the information you have gathered (and been fed) about how the world works.

The teamwork of Uranus and the New Moon is burning away tired, automatic and outmoded perceptions. It has the refreshing effect of traveling away from home for more than a few days. The break in your routine causes you to experience your environment differently when you return. The fact that there are other ways of doing things — setting up the space, spending your time, is at the forefront of your awareness, especially if you traveled to a different country.

You’ve been through changes this year that are causing you to perceive and experience life differently. While it’s certainly possible to make conscious and deliberate changes in your life philosophy now, a lot of what this New Moon sparks is going to be intuitive and instinctive. They will simply happen, because you are drawn naturally to them. Or you will become aware that they have already happened.

Someone may also make an observation that knocks your thinking on its side, or that points to a humongous elephant in the room. It might have been there so long that you were blind to it. Whether you were previously ignoring it, or whether it had been there so long that it’s faded into invisibility, you now have the chance to examine it — and the relationship you want to have with it at this point.

Pope Francis serves as a poster child for this potential, and for the New Moon’s mission, with his recent denouncement of the financial markets and their harm to the poor as contrary to the tenets of Christianity.  Just has his statement has gotten him denounced as a Marxist (think about it: Marxism is an atheist construct, and the pope’s the head of the Catholic Church), entrenched positions may send flak flying around (or at) you when alternate viewpoints take the spotlight.

More importantly, the Pope’s statement points to the involvement of the weak and injured in this New Moon. Chiron, embodiment of our abiding, incurable wounds, makes a harsh contact to the New Moon that demands action. It pushes for change in our thinking and beliefs about the less fortunate in our world. Watch for further discussion on the Pope’s statement and backlash against retailers calling low-paid workers in on Thanksgiving. Watch, too, for developments that stir compassion and link us in an instant with people in far distant, different circumstances.

The New Moon also pushes for change in how we allow early wounding to shape our view of the world and ourselves.  This New Moon could inspire rewriting what you think, believe and say about yourself, as well as rewriting the role that early wounds play in your current life.

You have the freedom to think differently, to ease up on yourself (Stop that negative talk! Stop it!) and to decide to run your life differently. The holidays are the immediate playing field for this.  Watch how you are drawn to mark them (or not).  Longevity is no longer sufficient reason for any given to have a continuing place in your life, and that includes personal and family traditions.

They’re in a cosmic fruit basket upset this December. Breaks from the norm are the norm:  Foregoing the usual films, music, activities and baking for the unfamiliar (or none), rethinking giving, and gathering with a different cast and/or at different locations than usual. Spend your time consciously. Invest in less in obligations, especially dreaded ones, and more in people and pursuits you enjoy.

How’s that for an updated life philosophy?

For a another take on this week’s events, please read my extended weekly forecast and outlook for December, and listen to my quickie podcast.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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