Forecast for week of Dec. 23-29, 2013

The year is going out with a bang. This week courses with awakening, motivating, volatile and even incendiary impulses. They’re not merely dealing with old business. They’re also propelling us straight into the tasks, themes and issues of 2014.

The playing field is as likely to be within you us as well as in the behavior and external events you encounter. Cosmic alarm clocks are going off on multiple levels and moving everyone forward on developments and decisions (or deepening fractures) dating to the early days of May, October and November. Restructuring has been in the works since all of those times, and the next big phase of work is here.

The main instigator is Mars, the planet of action, aggression and outright war, marching forward in Libra, the sign of relationships, teamwork and negotiation.  This week his path takes him directly into the ongoing conflict between the cosmic change agents, Uranus and Pluto, who have been keeping the pressure on for fundamental restructuring since mid-2012.  Mars is now adding relationship issues into the mix and moving the change imperative into new levels.

Over the course of the week, the action planet is connecting with the change agents in a dynamic configuration called a t-square. The link-up has movement written all over it, in every conceivable way you can look at it. Hotheads Mars and Uranus are bearing down on Pluto, the lord of death and transfiguration. The pressure is forcing structural change to go even deeper (akin to cleaning out a failed root canal) and dump out in the opposite sign of Cancer, ground zero for home, family, tradition, sentimentality and unbridled emotions.

Just what you want for the week of Christmas, right? Holiday gatherings will not be the same-old same-old, that’s for sure. Attendees aren’t the same as they were in previous years. People will be expressing themselves differently, treating each other differently and picking their battles — key concept! — differently.

We’re implementing decisions (particularly from early October), teaming up, renegotiating, taking stands, escalating efforts, launching assaults and deepening fractures and schisms. What happens now has a fuse that will burn into next October, with flare-ups probable before then.

It’s unlikely that utterly foreign factors are entering the picture, although some might have been cloaked, hidden, held at bay or not accurately perceived before. What’s happening is an organic outgrowth of processes that have been long underway.

Some of the playing out will be freeing, simplifying, energizing and empowering. Watch out, though, for other potentials — flaring tempers and frustrations, for starters, which have the power to escalate into danger, accidents and violence. The pressure is pushing us past comfort zones (often ultimately beneficial, but sometimes messy in the playing out). Do keep in mind that the god of war is going head to head with a loose cannon and the lord of the underworld. Pick battles prudently; if you walk away, you can always fight another day. Take care especially when behind the wheel.

Underlying all the activity is a practical, almost somber vibe. Real-world, long-term ramifications are at the forefront of every mind. Mercury, the ruler of communication and transportation, enters goal-oriented Capricorn on Tuesday for three weeks.

His shift into Capricorn, coupled with the retrograde there of Venus, ruler of all we hold dear, is making for a more introspective and reflective winter than usual.  Minimalism is gaining appeal. Aren’t you already scaling back? Cutting activities down? Investing your thoughts and time more in matters that mean something to you, than in the usual hubbub and gift avalanche? That’s the meaning of this holiday season: memories, experiences and fewer gifts than in the past, carefully selected and with lasting value.

What’s important comes clearly into view by Sunday, when Mercury meets the Sun and sets off a rain of lightning bolts with Uranus. The week ends with more clarity and self-knowledge, unexpected, game-changing messages and realizations, and minds catapulting out of safe, familiar boxes. We’ll be ringing out the old and ringing in the new well ahead of the calendar.

For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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