2014 Capricorn New Moon

January 1, 2014
3:15 AM PDT / 6:15 AM EDT / 1:15 PM GMT
10 Capricorn 57

The Capricorn New Moon shows where our work this year is cut out for us.

From nearly the stroke of midnight, it signals the intensity and focus that now propels and defines us.  A cosmic scalpel is cutting our personal missions down to the bone and stripping away thoughts, programming, relationships and connections. The experience is not merely passive, however. This Moon is a clarifying, purifying, simplifying call to action.

We have all been through profound changes in the last year. Our circumstances, and particularly our relationships, have been reshaping in response.

Last year’s processes were — brace yourself — a warmup. The real work, the deep, penetrating, all-encompassing, fundamental restructuring is getting underway now. Pressures from others — and from within — are converging to push deep into fissures, fractures, chasms and caverns in our personal foundations.

Relationships play a two-way role in this: They are both escalating the imperative to evolve and feeling the demand to reshape.

Pluto and Mercury are the honor guard for the New Moon. Pluto the transformer is the first body the Moon, and then the Sun, crosses after their meeting. Think you’ve already scaled back? More is on the way. Each of us will hit new personal records in minimalism and focus this year.

While still stinging from Pluto’s scythe, the Moon and the Sun bring their transformed states to Mercury, ruler of mental and verbal activity. Back to basics only begins to describe the impact. Our minds are undergoing surgery.

We awaken on January 1 with drastic revised thinking. Notice the quality of your ideas and words and of what you encounter from others. It’s as if a veil has been removed from your eyes — and the governor from your mouth.  It’s also as if you have awakened from a long sleep, into a drastically different world. You are acutely aware of what you need to address to make this new world and secure and supportive place for you.

Even though it’s New Year’s, it’s a time of significant departures as well. Modes of thinking, technology and vehicles, goals, fears, desires, compulsions, agreements, even specific people are leaving, with a breathtaking swiftness. New ones are already appearing; even more will pop in to fill the vacuum.

And so the stage is set for all of 2014. The players are changing. The playing field is being plowed, excavated and redesigned. Usher in the year by actively engaged with the transformative energies. Purge. Clean your dresser and cupboards. Clean your closets. Trim your social media contacts.

Be ruthless in discarding anything that catches your energy, that makes you think, “I should do something about that,” that annoys you, that trips you up: Inefficient filing systems. Software and technology that malfunctions. Shoes with damaged heels. That weird squeak in your car. Your bank records. The nagging discontent that you haven’t been able to bring up in a friendship, with a relative, in your primary relationship. Line your curb with garbage bags and recycling. Make space in your mind, your heart, your house, your life.

Welcome to 2014.


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