Forecast for Jan. 13-19, 2013

How are you feeling? Specifically, how are you feeling about what’s happened so far this year? If you don’t know now, you will shortly.

The waves of emotion cresting this week answer that question but good and spawn a torrent of activity in response. While the waters are still high, bursts of lightning clear and open our thinking and lead the way to a bird’s eye, big-picture perspective.

It’s all an outgrowth of the eruptions and paradigm shifts that have been rocking and rolling since Christmas. The metaphoric ground beneath our feet has cracked open, and so have a breathtaking number of relationships. The comings, goings, amputations, unmaskings and realizations of the past few weeks are hitting a point of culmination with  Wednesday’s Cancer Full Moon.

Emotions run high under any Full Moon, and especially so when the Moon is in her home base of Cancer. They could go off the charts now, given the uprooting and chapter-ending nature of so many recent events. High emotionality does not necessarily mean floods of tears, though. Even if tears do flow, they do not necessarily mean sorrow; they could express joy, relief, recognition or release.

Regardless of the form, displays are surfacing that tell you, unmistakably, how you and the people around you feel. Issues of safety, security and stability swirl through the outpourings. (Read more in my mooncast.)

The likely response is not wallowing, however, but demands and campaigns for what you want — not planned, not strategized, not discussed for hours beforehand with confidantes, but flowing organically out of you and the wellspring of emotions coursing through you. The trigger is Thursday’s clash between Venus and Mars, rulers of the feminine and the masculine, what we desire and how we go after it.

Venus retrograde in security-oriented Capricorn has been raising questions of long-term, real-world worth and ramifications in relationships, finances and values. Mars in Libra (under Venus’ command, by the way) has been directing effort into relationships and agreements, and is also the guy who set off all the upheaval since Christmas. When they bump into each other, nobody says, “I’m sorry” and moves on. “I want!” is more like it, followed up with bold action. The timid guy at the bar downs a shot of tequila and finally approaches the woman he’s been eyeing. The unhappy employee leaves a dead-end situation. You get the picture: Instead of crying over milk that spilled lately, we’re lunging toward the future.

And you’re doing that more boldly than you might think as the week begins. Clarity and courage are yours as Mercury, the planet of communication, gets an offer early Friday morning from Uranus, awakener and agent of the unforeseeable. A brilliant approach can catch fire and help shake off any lingering sogginess from the week’s emotional expression.

That recedes further into the distance starting Sunday, when the Sun enters Aquarius. Wring out your hanky and adopt a philosophical attitude. Everything that’s happened is for the best, in the long run. Odds are that’s exactly how you’ll see it.

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