Forecast for January 27 – Feb. 2, 2014

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The outlook for this week:  long stretches of quiet, winding down, and cosmically enforced time outs, with surges of energy and new perspectives coupled with gear shifts as the weekend approaches.

The stretches come from the void of course moons occurring every other day, starting late Monday afternoon. These are times when the Moon is traveling through the end of a sign with all her major aspects behind her. The atmosphere is often diffused or floating, and circumstances often encourage contemplating and waiting. (People are out when you call; email and texts go unanswered for hours.) If significant activity does manage to take place, it often amounts to nothing, or unravels, or requires redoing later.

Voids happen every week. What makes this week’s worth mentioning is both their regularity and their size. After Monday’s shortie, the rest of the week’s voids are 12-hour marathons that consume most of our waking hours on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Expect — and take advantage of — these lengthy opportunities to coast, sit back, contemplate, relax, go within, and/or simply be.  Go with the flow. Ponder recent events, what’s in your heart, the path ahead. No pushing; no shoving. If you’re still, you’ll feel when to put your foot on the gas and when to take it off.

The big action consists of a cluster of events on Thursday and Friday, which rev us up and send us forward and back.  The first is the Aquarius New Moon, which is also the Chinese New Year and start of the Year of the Horse.

This New Moon promises to shake off the doldrums of winter. It’s making a handy link to its ruler, Uranus, the awakener, rabble rouser and lock picker of the skies. Watch for new perspectives, greater objectivity and an inner clock chiming that it’s time to live your own unique life. More is in my mooncast, which will be posted by Thursday.

The Moon coincides with the final, for now, escalation of tension in the ongoing restructuring of the foundations of our lives. Jupiter, which magnifies every influence it touches, is completing an opposition to Pluto, lord of death and rebirth and overseer of our longterm metaphoric remodeling projects. The magnitude, depth and inescapability of the changes in our lives becomes impossible to miss. Watch for issues to resurface from the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Family milestones are likely (such as adult children taking over from aging parents). So is another wave of departures by celebrities with whom we are culturally identified.

The Moon also holds the energy of two gear shifts that start on Friday. The first signals the end of a six-week process. Since just before Christmas, we’ve been re-evaluating the worth, desirability and long-term viability of relationships, money matters, possessions that we rely on, and our value system. (Show of hands: how many of you have stumbled on old flames and crushes recently, even in your dreams?) That process is winding down as Venus ends the retrograde motion she has been in since just before Christmas.

No sudden shift is coming; she won’t move off the degree of her direct station until next week. Besides, another planet’s activity may create the feeling that her retrograde hasn’t ended. As Venus is stationing, Mercury, the ruler of how and what we think and speak and how we get around, moves into Pisces. Communication loses its contours in this most universally connected of the water signs, and logic and rational thought give way to empathy and knowing. What’s more, Mercury is approaching his own retrograde, which begins on Thursday, Feb. 6. (Read more in my article How to Handle Mercury Retrograde.)

No squawking! These two retrogrades, in such quick succession, do have a beneficial purpose. The focus of the Venus retrograde has been reevaluating priorities. Next month is suited to researching, reorganizing, and thinking things through carefully — or rather, sitting carefully with the emotional sensations and information.

For now, notice the shift, from awareness of the bottom line in every calculation to a greater sense of interconnectedness. It’s subtle, but you can detect it. Use Mercury’s dip into Pisces — he’ll back into Aquarius during his coming retrograde — to absorb information, while the energies of the Aquarian New Moon help you gain perspective. It’s another way of bridging the rational and nonrational, which is the thrust of existence these days.

Mmmmm doughnuts

Mmmmm doughnuts

For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast at my site For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

My 2014 astro-overview is now available on mp3! Get your own copy here.

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