Forecast for February 3-9, 2014

The “Forward, ho!” blast of last week’s Aquarius New Moon continues to energize these wintery days. As our plans and possibilities heat up, the skies are giving us cause and opportunity to investigate, research and rethink.

“But wait!” you say, being the careful reader that you are. “That sounds like a retrograde!” Why, yes, it does. “Didn’t one just end?” Why, yes, it did. “Oh, no!” Oh, yes. “How can this be????”

Here’s how:  Every planet goes retrograde periodically, some more frequently than others.We feel the effects most immediately and dramatically when an inner planet goes retrograde. This year has back-to-back retrogrades of the three planets closest to the earth. (Please don’t scream.) The upshot: even as we move ahead — and we are moving forward, some of us at breakneck speed — the first third of the year provides ample and insistent opportunity to retrace our thinking and our steps. Welcome and work with this turn of events (like the weather, you can’t do keep it from happening). It will help you make course corrections as you go along, so that developments and accomplishments will be solid and tested when they lock into place.

We have just come out of a six-week retrograde of the planet Venus, which rules matters dear to our hearts and bank accounts. Since right before Christmas, we have been in a process of reconsidering and reevaluating the worth of relationships, belongings, financial matters and value systems, with an eye toward whether they are likely to stay with us for the long haul. This stretch also brought automotive, technology and communication breakdowns fit for a Mercury retrograde. The reason was Venus’ proximity to Pluto, lord of death, rebirth and inevitable change, which targeted critical, foundational tools that were not in sufficiently reliable shape to support us long term.

This week brings the first retrograde of the year for Mercury, which rules where and how we get  information, what we do with it and how we get around. He begins this backtracking on Thursday, in Pisces, a sign that processes information symbolically, visually and amorphously, rather than in words and logic. After a week, he will return to the intellectual and logical mode of Aquarius for the rest of the month. (He stations direct on the 28th.)

His journey gives us the opportunity first to reconsider how we feel about recent messages, information, decisions and plans (this week) and then to gather more data. People and situations from the past will be resurfacing, too. As you encounter them, refer back to last month’s reevaluation process to discern whether each visitor is a messenger, a returning companion or a ghost.

As for the retrograde following Mercury’s, it belongs to Mars, ruler of our drive and actions, who will take us back over partnership issues when March rolls around. No need to worry about that yet (or ever, actually). For now, look at this leg of the journey as having a pronounced research mission component.

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