Forecast for February 10-16, 2014

Gears are moving this week, retrograde or no retrograde. We’re encountering personal limits, turning attention to relationships and talking up a storm.  The Leo Full Moon fuses a desire to shine with the urge to connect, conveniently timed for Valentine’s Day. Get ready to speak your mind and have fun in the process.

The week’s start has the potential for stabilizing as it acquaints us with walls, boundaries and responsibilities. Some may be unwelcome, but they do have the benefit of showing what is real and solid, or on the way to becoming so.  The Sun and Venus are both contacting structure-oriented Saturn, challenging us to take personal responsibility while encouraging settling into relationships and agreements. We stand to mature nicely, and so do important connections. “Bloom where you’re planted” may be more than a saying; it describes a process you’re likely experiencing inside yourself and in certain key connections as well.

Communication and getting around continue to require attention, as their ruler Mercury continues his retrograde and scoots from Pisces back into Aquarius.  Last week’s standstills and pervasive question marks are giving way a more detached air and the sense that you’ve been over some of this ground before, and recently at that.

That revisiting brings evidence that Mercury retrograde doesn’t always deserve the bad rap we give him. Keep your ears pricked and mind open, especially when you trick, stumble or fall onto a loose end from the past. What you learn, hear or think now leads to greater self-awareness, which flows directly into ease in expressing yourself. More pointers are in my article How to Handle a Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury’s journey puts him at the center of the Leo Full Moon on Valentine’s Day.  Though that holiday has no astrological significance whatsoever, this year it has celestial help that could make the day upbeat and fun. Mercury’s presence adds streaks of observing, friendliness and chattiness while all our inner children come out and play (or make scenes). Energy runs high, and so does the compulsion to share, with Mercury and the Sun moving towards easy links with Mars, planet of push. Invitations, conversations, negotiations and all-around connecting abound.  Read more in my mooncast, which will be posted by Thursday.

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