Forecast for February 17-23, 2014

The weather has been forcing much of the world to a standstill lately. Now the skies encourage that energetically as well. Remember last February’s floating, suspended-in-time atmosphere? We’re in for a lite version of that now.

Moan if you like. Scream, even. Sitting and soaking for a while does benefit you though, in several important ways.

First, it offers ample opportunity to explore the cost of many situations in your life, and whether you are getting sufficient value in return. Issues of responsibility and commitment weigh heavily in this mix.  Saturn, the planet of structure, consequences and ramifications, is paused on the degree where he will turn retrograde at the beginning of March. There’s little need (or ability) to take action. Just sit with it all.

Second, this floaty stretch has the healing and soothing properties of soaking in a bath filled with Epsom salts. Pluto, one of the hosts of the long-term restructuring we are undergoing inside and out, is in a protracted opportunity aspect with Chiron, the wounded healer, who challenges us to master physicality. This influence is ongoing, whether we are suspended or not. This week, it is possible to detect what immersion in that water is unraveling in you.

Another way of viewing this influence is as water seeping through recently formed cracks in caverns and tectonic plates that have shifted. The water is reaching ever-deeper places and drenching them with peace, soothing, and healing. Visualize this as you soak in the bath, and see how differently you feel.

Third, we’re all suspended in the sea of life and soaking in each other’s signals, emotions and energies, whether we realize it or not. The Sun is moving into formless, we-are-all-one Pisces on Tuesday and meeting with its ruler, mystical Neptune, in a super-conjunction from Friday through Sunday.

This combination is hardly conducive to either brisk forward movement or logical thought, especially not with Mercury still retrograde. It is, however, ideal for telepathy, empathy and giving the helm over to something greater than your conscious mind —  reverie, great art, a muse, guidance, compassion, magic, even bliss.

Work this. When a situation turns weird, when confusion crops up, when developments simply stop, hand the reins over. Be still. Get in an actual tub, if possible. Soak and simply be, and see what bubbles up. Life will turn hectic again soon enough. Think of now as spa time.

Read more in my extended weekly forecast.

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