Forecast for February 24-March 2, 2014

Winter may still be here for a while, but its quiet is vanishing, and fast. Last week’s introspection time is over.  The year’s relationship emphasis is kicking back into gear. The atmosphere is charged and hyperactive, but not necessarily forward ho! More like every which way, it’ll feel at times.

Core relationship definitions and issues are moving to the front burner, where they will simmer and sometimes boil over for the next 18 months or so. (The nodes of the Moon — points that represent our collective experience and past — are moving for that time into Aries and Libra, the axis that balances individuality with partnering.)

This week, the relationship dance starts with opportunity and builds to decisive action by Sunday.  Watch for an opening Monday to tie down or put form to a connection, as Venus, the goddess of love and all we value, reaches out to Saturn, the ruler of structure and commitment.  This isn’t mandatory, and you will have to step through the opening to gain its benefit.

If you choose to stay off the dance floor, though, you’ll be on it by the weekend.  Demands, propositions or connections result when Venus clashes with her lover Mars, the god of war and ruler of our drive.  Mars is under the goddess’ command, since he is in Libra, a sign she rules, which means desire is dictating the action. Sparking between the cosmic lovers can spawn passion down here on earth; that could translate into frustration or anger as easily as it could more pleasurable fieriness.

Besides, you won’t be the same person on Sunday that you were on Monday. Clean-up work is breaking out — or washing over — a part of your life that started to free up in January.  That was a reaction to or outgrowth of the ground shifting beneath your feet between Christmas and New Year’s.  Now comes another wave of release, of liberation no matter what the cost, and probably of high-pitched drama, too. It’s the byproduct of bigger-is-better Jupiter building to a confrontation Wednesday confrontation with unpredictable, radical Uranus.

What their clash knocks loose might be cathartic. It definitely has a silver lining; ask if you can’t see it. It’s also prepping you and the ground — watering it, even — for the next round of overhauling and restructuring that’s coming in April.

These aspects alone would make for a standout week, but they are not half of what’s going on.  Friday’s Pisces New Moon has curative, stabilizing properties that could prove extremely beneficial. They hold the promise of stretching your concept of what’s possible in your life, bringing you onto the change bandwagon, and strengthening your trust and knowing. Read more in my mooncast, which will be up by Friday.

The Moon’s impact could feel like you’re in a washing machine with the agitators whirring back and forth. That’s because one retrograde cycle is ending as two other ones begin.

Mercury is wrapping up his month-long retrograde, which means that stalled, confused or snarled communication, technology and travel matters will start clearing up. Relief is not immediate, however. Mercury stations direct on Friday, but does not move noticeably until the beginning of next week. This creates a suspended-in-time sensation, so do continue to research, organize and take information under advisement.

We won’t be simply hanging in slowed time, however. Mercury is handing the retrograde baton to two planets that will keep the water (and probably you) churning until all of them move off their turning point. Mars, the ruler of our energy, motivation and action, stations direct in Libra on Friday. Saturn starts his turnaround in Scorpio the next day.

The double whammy will have us revisiting agreements, relationships and agendas, with special attention to trust, reciprocity and return on investment. Both retrogrades amplify the pressure from the current eclipses to reset and reboot our relationships, from specific ones to expectations and ground rules to the nature and quality of their exchange.

Mars will backtrack until May 20 (that’s nearly three months) from 27 Libra to 9 Libra. His travels will ultimately take him (and us) back to where he prodded so much to the surface between Christmas and the middle of January. Saturn’s annual retrograde, through mid-July, will take him from from 23 Scorpio to 16 Scorpio. He will help us go deeper into some connections, while turning up reason to leave or restructure in others.

Mars’ journey in particular is part of April’s volatile, dynamic weather. Use the early weeks of his retrograde to get ready:  Go back over events since the first of the year, pick up dropped connections, and dare to renegotiate when appropriate. This weekend, your heart will tell you what to address now.

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