2014 Pisces New Moon

Feb. 28 – March 1, 2014
11:59 PM PST / 2:59 AM EST / 7:59 AM GMT
10 Pisces 39

by Kathy Biehl

Last month’s Aquarius New Moon fired up our internal rockets and pointed them toward a bold, new direction. Now the Pisces New Moon invites making peace with them — and charting a sky’s-the-limit course.

The atmosphere surrounding this Moon resembles a therapeutic bath. It’s gentle, soothing and curative, but also inspiring, invigorating and validating.  All those qualities have an otherworldly feel, too, because Neptune is close by, the ruler of Pisces and bringer of dreams, magic and transcendence. He’s the last planet the Sun and the Moon touch before they come together, and they are still resonating with his diffuse, softening energies when they meet.

In this mix, dreams are huge, indulgently huge, cartoonishly huge. And that’s absolutely how they should be right now. Jupiter, the planet that escalates any action he gets near, is making a tight beneficial angle to the New Moon. He’s filling that bath with optimism, high spirits and the sense that anything’s possible. He’s pumping up the desire to connect, love, nurture and be nurtured. And maybe encouraging justifying taking comfort in food.  Or giving yourself rewards.

The appropriateness of rewards is well worth considering while you’re soaking in the bath, real or metaphoric. Uranus, the ruler of last month’s New Moon, is making a tight growth aspect to the New Moon. How have you evolved in the last month? How are you living in a freer, more true-to-your-self fashion?  Look for evidence of how you are permitting yourself to be yourself, more organically, with less inner arguing, and more self-acceptance.

Easing up on yourself is also part of this Moon’s curative nature. That comes from the proximity of Chiron, the wounded healer, who represents our abiding wound and the challenge to integrate it as we master the physicality of existence. His presence in this New Moon bath has the potential of dissolving attachment to the wound, however we define it. (Likely it has some element of the illusion of being isolated or alone.) Instead of defining ourselves by it, we can simply allow it to be. We can forgive ourselves for having it, and for being human, too. The moment of relief may arrive in the aftermath of the New Moon, since Chiron is the first major body that the Sun and the Moon touch after they separate.

Expect some turbulence. The New Moon is surrounded by a flurry of movement this way and that. It’s in the center of a retrograde sandwich, with four planets changing direction on either side of it.

Mercury ends his month-long retrograde the day before the New Moon, which positions communication, technology and transportation matters to turn around.  Mars, planet of action, goes retrograde the day of the New Moon, and will be taking us back over partnership developments, negotiations and agreements through May 20. The day after the New Moon, Saturn, ruler of structure, retrogrades till July 20 and will deepen some connections while uncovering reason to sever others. The 6th brings the direct station of Jupiter, planet of beneficence and expansion, which has been accentuating family, foundational and structural matters since November.

The immediate effect will feel like fishtailing — when a car or motor boat zooms ahead so quickly that the rear goes briefly out of control and swerves from side to side. Don’t grab the water. Stay immersed.

Sense your connections to others; to all of life, even. Love and forgive yourself; that’ll radiate out and soften and bless all your connections. Acknowledge your recent growth spurt. Dream big, ridiculously big. Make wishes beyond what you would have previously dared.

Those wishes have every potential of seeing action. Your heart is delivering marching orders to your will this weekend, when Venus squares Mars. They’ll be getting along swimmingly by the end of the month…when a few of those wishes just might come true.


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