Forecast for 2014 Virgo Full Moon

March 16, 2014
10:09 AM PDT / 12:09 PM PM EDT  4:09 PM GMT
26  Virgo 2 / 26 Pisces 2

This month’s this-way-and-that energy has had many of us chasing our tails. That’s likely to ease with the clarity, stability and forward drive now on offer from the Virgo Full Moon.

Mercury, ruler of the mind, is currently in charge of the Moon, who brings an analytical, discerning bent to matters that are cresting now. They bear the effects of the cosmic messenger’s journey this week, which threw ideas and mental processes against a wall and then sent minds and mouths racing to implement what we saw we had to do. What took on contours for you this week? What ideas are you seeing differently? Pushing ahead?

If they haven’t settled for you yet, fear not. We’re still in the throes of perfecting. This Moon encourages stepping back to ponder and, most of all, perceive both flaws and fixes. Adjustments are part of the package. That’s the nature of the close link Mercury is making to the Moon. They’re not quite in sync, but flicking us toward tweaks here and there.

Emotional tweaks are often the least comfortable to make, but you may find them happening all the same. Your usual modus operandi won’t work. Adjustments must be consistent with your current state of being, not tricks that have gotten you through in the past. (Have you considered asking for guidance? That could well be part of your new regime.)

These new ways aren’t fleeting. We’re heading toward permanent adjustments, permanent fixes, and permanent changes in approach. Stabilizing Saturn is in easy communication with both the Sun and the Moon. He’s underscoring personal responsibility, helping us sink our anchors down, and opening doors to healthier boundaries and exchanges in intimate and financial connections. Saturn’s role is also highlighting what it would benefit you to finish, to release and to leave behind.

More information is on the way. So are more conversations, realizations and decisions. Some are long in coming. Some have no choice but to happen, as if hands are being forced. The shoving quality is the aftermath of last week’s clash between Mercury and Saturn.  Both planets are in a helpful relationship to the Sun and Moon, though, so we might now see how recent bumps could be — or are — beneficial.

Mars, the ruler of our drive, is in the mix, too. He’s pushing for tweaks and adjustments in how we assert ourselves and go after our goals. Those are not a stretch, though. He’s also showing that we’re in new emotional territory — cleaner, clearer, more intact perhaps, or maybe simply more aware.

Think of this Full Moon as a stopping point, a clearing out point, a point of perspective and clarity while certain concepts and projects lock into place and others go away. It’s akin to last-minute preparations before a trip, tidying up, doing laundry and picking out clothes, and taking care of paperwork and details. We will move on soon enough, toward the excitement of the month’s end, when desires erupt (happily) and booster rockets propel us into April’s dynamism.

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