2014 Aries New Moon

March 30, 2014
11:44 AM PDT / 2:44 PM EDT / 6:44 PM GMT
9 Aries 58

The year’s big action is beginning. The Aries new moon is kicking off a month — and a spring — full of seismic shifts, eruptions, challenges and potential for self-actualization.

You have been feeling the pressure all year. Cracks and rumblings have been growing more insistent in the areas of life that are on the brink of rearranging. Each new moon of 2014 has sent a power surge through these areas (and you), increasingly destabilized them and propelled you further and further from your personal status quo.

As motivating, irritating and exhilarating as those new moons have been, they were only the warm up act. The Aries New Moon is now detonating the mother of all booster rockets. This one finally frees us from the gravitational pull of life as we’ve known it, and shoots us into a wild new adventure.

The effect is sudden, unmistakable and anything but gentle. It is igniting and speeding up developments, like a fire erupting into a conflagration at the opening of a door. With that level of force in play, there’s no more time for premeditation. Impulses, leaps and reactions will be spontaneous and as abrupt as lightning.

Say goodbye to being stuck or feeling complacent and comfortable. It’s time to Do Something About those fundamental life issues that have been crumbling beneath your feet all year. Fortunately, you’ve been thinking about them. More importantly, your heart has been figuring them out, too. And it’s about to enjoy a wild ride indeed.

The volatile, uncontrollable, rebellious and nigh on feral properties of Uranus are fueling this blast-off. He’s at the core of this event, in a close conjunction with the New Moon, and standing at the exit door. His location and relationship to the New Moon amps up its quality of a fiery force being ignited and unleashed. The Sun and the Moon are each zooming toward Uranus as they meet, and the cosmic change agent is the first planet each encounters after they separate.

Uranus himself is also buzzing with the energy of movement. He is heading into his own important meeting, the next clash with Pluto and the push-me-pull-you lineup in the cardinal signs (known as the cardinal cross) that will dominate the skies and our lives in the second half of April. That clash and line-up will hit the reset button for all of us, and Uranus is already reaching for it.

The ruler of the Aries New Moon, Mars, is also the ruler of our drive. He is currently under the command of his lady love Venus (because he is in the sign of Libra, which she rules). The cosmic couple is still resonating with the lovely link-up they’re enjoying the day before, on Saturday. This contact is opening a channel for interpersonal harmony and for desirable developments in a relationship. It also holds the promise of a wish you made at the beginning of the month sliding effortlessly and delightfully into reality.

None of this trifling. This is not a formula for flings or insignificance, and certainly not for hitting the finish line. Saturn, the lord of structure and responsibility, is chaperoning the hot date. The hard aspect that he is making to Venus is molding her interaction with Mars. It’s adding seriousness to their business, monkey or otherwise. Saturn is interjecting notions of obligation, commitment, ramifications, consequences and, in some cases, delays (“These things take time”) , at the same that he is imposing form and structure onto what the lovers are spawning. His participation — interference, if you will — acts as a governor.

That cautioning influence might turn out to be welcome, given how everything else in the sky is calling for quick change. The prospect is scary. It may make your head spin and solar plexus twitch. It’s not, let’s be honest, always going to be comfortable.

Yet it’s also exciting, enlivening and freeing. You will likely find much of what’s ahead to actually be fun. And admit it: You’re on board with the prospect of change. In fact, you’re chomping at the bit. You are motivated to go for what you want, and you recently got a taste of exactly that.

More is on the way. The recent past holds clues. Look back to what broke through the surface between Christmas and New Year’s, and the reevaluation you went through from the middle of December through the end of January. Both developments come back into play with a vengeance during April. This New Moon is catapulting you into the fray: Full of courage. Free of deadwood, dead weight and dead ends. (Or ready to be free. Or open to the concept.) And raring to jump in, come what may.

It’s time to star in you own action picture. Suit up now.

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