2014 Scorpio Full Moon

May 14, 2014

12:15 PM PDT / 3:15 PM EDT / 7:15 PM GMT

23 Taurus 54 / 23 Scorpio 54

Cutting loose and moving on are the themes of this month’s Scorpio Full Moon. If you’ve questioned whether or how much your life has changed, the next couple of weeks will resolve those doubts, and how.

Last month restructured us in ways that are only starting to surface. The surfacing is about to speed up, and with that quickening all subtlety is going out the window.

What’s escalating now feels inevitable, monumental, incapable of being resisted and possibly more than a bit irrational. It’s laden with endings, game-altering realizations and permanent changes of mind, heart and arrangements.  It packs the wallop of an eclipse, but isn’t one. (We’re done with eclipse season until October.) Instead, it’s delivering the wherewithal to deal with the eclipses and more that have just passed.

This Full Moon comes with a planetary line-up primed for action that is both responsible and daring.  The tension of last month’s grand cross is still distantly in play, but now with the force of unlocking or severing confinements while healing and stabilizing pour in.

This intricate planetary line-up is bringing an end, abruptly, to lingering traces of the stalemates, stuck situations and enforced inactivity that have stymied so many of us lately. The aspects are providing both the clean-up crew for the fundamental restructuring that we all underwent last month and also the worker bees for the next phase of building. In this atmosphere, butterflies have no choice but to emerge from their chrysalises. Situations that have been on life-support have no chance of continuing. And we have no inclination to throw good money, energy or emotions after bad. Recent experiences have honed our appreciation of personal resources, worth and desires, and we now have every incentive to treat them responsibly.

Relationships are at the core of this Full Moon:  how we present ourselves, our ground rules and expectations, the particular individuals to whom we are connected, whom and why we trust, whom we should no longer, what we put in, what we get back or, more accurately, what we accept back. Venus, the Sun’s ruler, is technically in a stand-off with her mate Mars at the moment, but their relationship, like most humans’, is more complex than that. Each is in the other’s sign, which means that neither can act without the other just now.   Mars’ retrograde motion is adding to the tension, spring-loading it to set off more action after he turns direct next week and triggers Uranus and Pluto in June.

Yhe commanders of the Sun and Moon, Venus and Pluto, are in an exact square, demanding bold, fundamental movement and restructuring, particularly where desire and money are concerned. They are fueling an urgency, compulsion and willingness to go after cravings, however forbidden or unhealthy.  Both are in a hard, catalytic aspect to Uranus, the agent of radical, unpredictable change, which is making a jail break in our hearts.

The counterweight to these impulses is the Moon’s companion,  order-loving Saturn, which brings obligations, ramifications and consequences into the mix. His wagging finger also gets authority from a two-pronged alliance with the Moon’s ruler Pluto. As with Venus and Mars, each is in the other’s sign, (which means neither acts without the other’s involvement), and they are currently teaming to open doors to opportunity.  Saturn is acting as a governor, or at least as the adult in the group, urging caution and attention to cost and repercussions. Humpty Dumpty is a cautionary tale: Whatever breaks now will not be put back together again.

The endings promise to be therapeutic. This breaking and braking occurs amid a round robin of energy flowing from expansive Jupiter to stabilizing Saturn to Chiron, healer of abiding wounds. The choices and pattern-breaking we make now are likely not reckless and ill-considered, but acts of taking care of ourselves. They are the next steps in extricating ourselves from the way we were, of stepping out of shackles that have held us back and of shaking off lingering remnants of strings and wires that have guided our movements.

Keep all those concepts in mind as the next few weeks play out. Events may equally delight and wind you. The direction, source or timing may blindside you, but the development’s content or core should not be a surprise. Fierce, razor-sharp, sudden, breathtaking, what transpires now within and around us is coming out of the deep level activation each of us has experienced. Backsliding is not an option. Humpty Dumpty, remember?

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