Clear Your Mind; Clear Your Path: the 2014 Gemini New Moon

May 28, 2014

11:40 AM PDT / 2:40 PM EDT / 6:40 PM GMT

7 Gemini 21

The New Moon in Gemini invites us to refresh our screens.  Think of it as the opportunity to do some more mental house cleaning before we leap into the next round of fundamental changes.

Don’t chafe at the idea of more clearing. What you’ve already done is not going to waste. It’s up for expansion. The tumult of the spring has rearranged vast and significant portions of our lives, and it only makes sense that some debris and dust are still lurking amid the emerging structures.

This time, though, the tidying up is not merely a mental exercise. Our hearts, desires and newly honed system of values are poised to assist. Their involvement comes from an exact aspect of cooperation between their ruler Venus and Mercury, which rules Gemini and as a result this New Moon. The location of each — the final minutes of the very last degree of the signs that they are occupying — adds to the fervor and potency of their teamwork, and the potential refreshing on offer.

Each planet is in the fullest, most extreme form of their current expression — Venus in Aries at her most bold, adventurous, self-starting and hunteresque, Mercury in Gemini (his home sign) at his most nimble, verbal, multi-faceted and versatile.  This pairing spells doom for cobwebs and rickety vehicles (thoughts, information streams, cars, technology). It emboldens us to update, to take risks, and to — big one coming — ask for what we want.

Be mindful what you wish, though. The New Moon is whipping up Neptune’s cosmic fog machine. That could egg on delusional, romanticized and unrealistic desires and thinking. The same force could clear clouds of confusion and illusion, too, especially if you set your mind to that. (House cleaning, remember?) The Moon could also spit out magic, miracles or an enlightened perspective (which may all be the same thing.)  Be brave and ask to see where you are fooling yourself. Ask to see the highest potential. Ask for guidance and compassion (for yourself!) and forgiveness (ditto).

Those cautions won’t stop us all from being human, of course. It’s inevitable that some of us will make our special fairy tale wishes and hope against hope they come true. Which leads to another characteristic of this Moon, and another reason to be mindful what you wish.

The impulse to take risks and ask for what you want will increasingly carry the assumption that we will get what we want.  Since form follows though, that assumption is likely to come true. Physical fulfillment and experience are up for emphasis as Venus moves into her Taurus home shortly after the New Moon.  The next day, Mercury leaves the air of Gemini for the amniotic fluid of Cancer.  This two-step is a formula for desires taking form that we can touch, taste or take to the bank, and that pairs with nurturing and emotional expression.

However you clean up your thinking now (or your commute/vehicles/social media stream/communication technology), the tweaks will soon translate into tangible differences in your  mundane reality. With your mind and heart working together, you can aim for targets that have meaning and lead to the direction you want.

Aim is particularly important in the Moon’s aftermath. The next three weeks are teeming with trip wires for action and developments that have been packed and loaded by the change aspects of the past two years. Starting this weekend, we are actively engaging with the aspects.  They are implementing changes and causing us to stretch and grow, but we aren’t merely at their mercy. We are taking action, too — not just having life happen to us, but knocking dominos down ourselves.

The clearer our minds, the truer our aim. Harness this Moon. You’ll navigate the next month so much more smoothly if you do.

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