The Month of Living Dangerously: Forecast for June 2014

It’s time for action. Brewing tensions can no longer be pacified or ignored. Simmering change can no longer be held at bay. Warrior god Mars is hitting trip wires, levers and dominoes that have been lying in wait for months, even years.

The areas of your life where motion and change are happening are no surprise. You have known for a while what they are, even if you haven’t been able to force the changes, or see how they might happen. Unforeseeability is still in the mix, though. Wild cards are at play, especially affecting the timing or source of change, or the direction from which it’s coming.

You are an active player in this process, too. No more sensing, dreading or reacting to ground rumbling and reshaping beneath your feet: you are jumping into the fray this month. Waiting for permission? Or to be asked? Hardly. You’re moving ahead impetuously on your agenda, implementing decisions without hesitation (well, without much) and surging ahead to rearrange relationships, agreements and your world in general. Openings are here for actions and shifts you’ve been contemplating for a long time. If you don’t find the door, well, that’s not likely to stop you.

There is, however, a wrinkle. The eruption of progress, derring-do and implementation occurs in the midst of a Mercury retrograde, starting June 7. Strive to breathe before you react. (Counting to five will be an achievement; to 10, a miracle.) The opportunity for being misunderstood is high. Remember that, as with communicating across a foreign language barrier, yelling isn’t going to make your message any clearer. (This point will be lost on many.)

The usual Mercury retrograde prescriptions apply Double check. Back up data. Delay important agreements and projects. Tend to old business. For more tips, review my guide How to Handle a Mercury Retrograde.

Despite what we historically associate with summer, its first day, June 21, does not, alas, magically transport us to vacationland. The day’s chart imprints the summer with dynamic tension spurring us to action, ongoing assaults on the norm and a nervous push-pull relationship to desires and objects thereof.

How we get along with each other is an ongoing issue, hot in June and with us the whole season. Collectively we’re in for more evidence of the disconnect between men’s and women’s realities. More physical and legislative violence against women is coming, and so are arguments about what that means. We’ll be seeing increasingly who’s with us and who’s against us, on both a grand and personal scale.

However distressing the news may sometimes be, the end of the month promises reason for optimism, with more to come in July. Venus’ move into Gemini on the 23rd opens a release valve on tensions, disagreements and overall heaviness. The goddess of love and beauty is entering a light-hearted mode of expression that prefers friendly chatter and the pursuit of fun. Her shift brings her back to harmony and alignment with the masculine, represented by her consort Mars in the fellow air sign of Libra. As the pair moves toward the easy flow of a trine (exact in July), reaching common ground is likely in relationship and male/female issues.

As polarized as we may feel at the Sagittarius full moon on the 12th, considerations of nurturing, sustenance and protection of loved ones take over with the Cancer new moon on the 27th. Compassion, empathy and a high experience of love are all on tap by the 28th. Drink deep. The effort you’ve been expending all month is bound to have worked up quite a thirst.

Chart your course for the summer with my summer 2014 astro-talk. Wed., June 4, 8 PM EDT’ details here.  (Non-US readers please note: (1) an mp3 will be available and (2) I am willing schedule the talk via Skype if there’s sufficient interest.)

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