2014 Sagittarius Full Moon

June 12-13, 2014

9:11 PM PDT / 12:11 AM EDT / 4:11 AM GMT

22 Sagittarius 6 / 22 Gemini 6

This month’s Sagittarius Full Moon is the stroke of a cosmic clock. It’s signaling that ways of thinking about the world and ourselves have hit the end of the line. There’s no snooze button, either. This chiming is loud, insistent and impossible to ignore. And it’s propeling situations, and each of us, into a state of fierce and forceful action.

You’d think we were still in eclipse season, as intense as the build-up to this Moon has already been. It certainly carries the resetting and activating impact of an eclipse, but it has a profound stabilizing and healing potential as well.

This Full Moon is spotlighting what goes in and out of our minds and mouths — and whipping it into extremes, logical and illogical. We are seeing cartoonishly large the impact that words and beliefs have on physical reality, each other and, most importantly, ourselves.  As the evidence and surrounding emotions come to a head, pressure is amplifying, escalating and accelerating to lock-and-load proportions.

The pressure is teeming with factors, issues and influences swirling in uneasy, motivating co-existence.  Limits, ramifications, commitments and hearing — or saying — “no” are rampant themes. With Venus, ruler of all we desire, tightly opposing ruler-maker Saturn, walls are coming down to permanently separate us from connections and wishes, while others lock into place, seriously, maturely and at a cost. In some instances, we’re in the driver’s seat, steering clear of wishes, people and situations that do not nurture us or feel healthy, and heading toward ones that enhance and support a newly honed appreciation of our own worth.

Battle cries are in the mix:  “This far and no farther.” “This has gone on long enough.” Or even simply, “Uncle!”  The air is filled with impatience, frustration and an unwillingness to wait any longer.  Not to mention the sense that something big is about to happen. Hair-trigger tempers abound; clear thinking, alas, is at a minimum. Remember that. Mercury, ruler of the Gemini Sun, is retrograde at the beginning of Cancer, which encourages taking statements personally that likely had nothing to do with you. Remember, that, too.

At the core of the intensity is a mechanism for monumental movement and change, which is poised to spring at any moment. The Full Moon locks into the cardinal grand cross that dominated April. As the Full Moon wanes, Mars, the planet of action, will hit a sequence of sensitive points and set off developments that have been rumbling since late December.  His journey will release the current pressure over the next few weeks. That’s not likely to happen in any controlled, measured fashion, but instead in a series of sporadic, dramatic bursts.

The first is underway. Mars is already triggering Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change. The two hothead influences will move into an exact clash on Saturday, but they are already close enough for us — and events — to feel it. They will birth enormous progress on matters that have been in the works. Do take note, though:  Mars + Pluto + retrograde Mercury is a recipe for violent misunderstandings and for accidents. Your conscious mind is not quick enough to navigate any danger that may come up. Higher or inner guidance is essential. (If you don’t have my inner guidance system visualization mp3, get your copy here.)

Fortunately, faith, trust and optimism are also in abundance, courtesy of Jupiter, ruler of the Sagittarius Full Moon (and the cosmic benefactor that ups any action he touches, usually with a silver lining, though you may have to wait to see it). Combine those qualities with the potent Mars/Pluto imperative and you can deftly restructure the beliefs that underlie your life. This Full Moon is wired to empower us to move beyond current mindsets. Jupiter is making an exact link to the Sun and the Moon that emphasizes the growth that we have already undergone. This link also primes and impels us to update and upgrade our thinking and beliefs.

We have choices in the nature, quality and content of information to which we expose ourselves. (Time to trim social media?) We have choices in what we think, say and believe about others. We even, and most importantly, have choices in what we think, say and believe about ourselves.

That last area of chatter is getting heavy lobbying from the skies. They have made it easy lately for each of us to mash on our own core wounds — but just as easy to catch ourselves. You may have noticed lately that certain lines of thinking are doing you more harm than good. You may even have noticed that certain lines of thinking don’t apply anymore, at all. The time is ripe for doing something about both: for moving your thoughts and beliefs about yourself into more nurturing, gentle and compassionate waters.

This is one of the gifts of the summer’s skies, thanks to a lovely flow between grounding, order-loving Saturn and Chiron, the wounded healer, which will last into next month. Jupiter’s in the flow with them at the moment and increasing this potential with the Full Moon.

True, these waters have dark undercurrents. Saturn does impose consequences and exact punishment, and he is in the foreboding, sometimes dangerous waters of Scorpio. (Hence the disquieting cocktail the news has been serving of abiding wounds, fear, attitudes about authority and deadly consequences.) We probably won’t like some of what we see and experience. We may well encounter demons and frightening thinking.

Ultimately, we stand to live more solidly, soberly and securely. The reason is the special relationship that Saturn currently has with the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto. (Each is in the other’s sign of rulership, a situation called mutual reception.) This relationship will reward responsible choices — and holds the promise of grounding and stabilizing the phenomenal growth spurt that’s coming.

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