2014 Cancer New Moon

June 27, 2014
1:08 AM PDT / 4:08 AM EDT / 8:08 AM GMT
5 Cancer 37

The Cancer New Moon signals a sea change in our approach to relating. It douses emotional sustenance and expression with magic, romance, compassion, forgiveness and maybe just a little Pollyanna vision. And while we’re under its spell, a pair of cosmic hands is at our backs pushing us into action.  No more dawdling or feeling stuck or circling an issue or waiting for someone else to move. It’s time.

This event has the total immersion quality of a baptism, courtesy of a lovely flow between the New Moon and Neptune, bringer of transcendence. Their link is steeping us in experience of each other and of our interconnectedness, which will translate for many of us into heightened awareness of both.  This includes more than family and tribe, which are Cancer’s usual concern. The sensation of being related is now bleeding across boundaries of blood, country or other identifying factors.

The waters carry the potential for healing longstanding emotional wounds, particularly involving worthiness, taking on other people’s pain, or being the fall guy, sacrificial lamb or victim. They also challenge us to take responsibility  for nature and effect of the behavior, emotions and energy that we are discharging into the waters. That potential and challenge are on tap for the next month, with Saturn, lord of order and consequences, linking easily to the wounded, therapeutic properties of Chiron.

Aware or not, everyone’s sensitivity is running high. Hearts are tender; feelings are at the surface and spilling out.  It will be easy to soak up what other people are going through. It will also be easy to confuse or delude yourself. The challenge will be to distinguish what is yours, what is someone else’s and what is wishful thinking.

Fortunately, the skies have help with the sorting. Your heart is operating with a new and improved appreciation of your own needs, desires and values, shown by the growth aspect between love goddess Venus and the New Moon. As a result, you have an enhanced and instinctive ability to read the tides.

Plus you’ve got those cosmic hands at your back. They come from an action-demanding link between Venus and Neptune, rulers of worldly love and its highest, most spiritual counterpart.  Those unseen hands are likely to knock you out of fantasy and illusion —  misconceptions about your own heart, or worthiness, or entitlement to have a supportive relationship, perhaps, or your continuing to look for support and nourishment from people who are not going to deliver. (Yes, it’s okay to draw a line of demarcation between yourself and relatives who mistreat you. In fact, it may be one of the most loving and nurturing acts you can take for yourself.)

Those hands are also likely to push you right into your heart’s desire…which could well have arms, and open ones at that. Markers for significant partnership activity are all over the configuration of this New Moon.  No sweet summer romances this year; everything is mature and serious. Much has staying power, too, because the long-term will be on many mind, even as eyes fill with stars.

Gears that shift now involve or bring up issues of commitment, marriageability and building a home together. This will happen even in relationships that are just getting off the ground, or morphing from acquaintance, friendship or conditions that have confused or mystified you.

We re in for an epidemic of pairing up and settling down, but that will not mean settling. At all.  Unless, of course, that’s what you’ve decided is your only option, in which case this New Moon offers the means to knock that thinking out, right now. Pay attention to your words (the love goddess is in Gemini, after all, the verbal playground of the zodiac), because they are guiding the movement.  The stakes are real, and so are the prospects of your vision coming into being. What do you want in a relationship? What are you saying and thinking that you want? Is there a disconnect? Reframe your words so they match what you want. What illusions might be in the way of that? Ask to drop them, even if you can’t fathom what they are.

It’s time (that phrase again) to install, act on and live by the new approach to relating that you have been developing since June 2012  Between now and the middle of July, Venus and Mars will be hitting degrees that were encoded with time delays then.  As prelude to that journey, Mars is currently finishing up relationship renegotiation and remodeling he began in late December. His final opposition to Uranus, agent of unpredictable change, is amping up motivation to get moving on our new relationship agenda. It may be stirring frustration and aggravation, too. When that happens, think of it as as rocket fuel for the weeks to come.

The new approach we’re implementing, and the new relationships we are forging, look very little like our old visions and experiences. Goodbye to the white picket fence, family unit with 2.3 children, and other nostalgic concepts that never really were. Equal partners walking shoulder to shoulder are moving into the norm.

So is an empowered, present, and integrated feminine. Her archetypes pervade this New Moon, herself in the sign of the great mother, and form a gauntlet for the journey on which Venus and Mars are embarking. Venus is standing in unity with Juno, the asteroid of marriage. They are operating as one, bringing the role of the partner, and respect for that union, into our system of values, demanding attention to unloving and illusory perceptions, and calling for — yea, verily forcing — a more sacred role.

Mars is on a collision course with Ceres, goddess of nourishment, and Vesta, keeper of the home fires. When he meets them next month, he’ll be directing energy and teamwork to their spheres of influence. Individual relationships will feel the impact and factor it into the new approach we’re implementing. Issues of home, feeding, farming and the role we accord to families will also spill into public awareness and debate, since Mars will also be activating the North Node, the path and destiny of the collective.

It will pay to contemplate this New Moon. Set your sights now. They affect your trajectory for the next month, which in turn affects the path you are building to the future. Not to mention the companions traveling with you. And the one right by your side.

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