2014 Capricorn Full Moon

July 12, 2014
4:24 AM PDT / 7:24 AM EDT / 11:24 AM GMT
20 Capricorn 3 / 20 Cancer 3

When you’re in the thick of action, it’s easy to miss the big picture. That’s coming into focus under the light of this month’s Capricorn Full Moon. It’s providing a platform for viewing the destabilizing and reshaping of recent months and years. Passive observation is not the point of this platform, however. It’s designed to push — push you onto it, push you into seeing, push you into evaluating, and push you (and everyone else) into action.

This Full Moon begins the wrap-up of the tumult we’ll all been experiencing since the winter holidays. We’re starting to see the point of it and where it’s headed. This phase is calculating and unyielding, yet, in a grand sense, forgiving. Players are leaving; alliances are taking new form; potentials are blossoming or blowing up.  People are reaching monumental turning points: shifting shape; viewing themselves drastically differently; banishing annoyances, drains, behaviors and attitudes that have been nibbling away at their sanity, finances and energy.

We are revisiting the complex and divisive energies of April’s cardinal cross. This time, each of us is experiencing them on a profoundly personal level, with the Sun and the Moon now in the configuration.  You have outgrown much; hence the goodbyes and nevermores. You’ve grown into much as well.

For starters, aren’t you taking more and better care of yourself? Or, at minimum, thinking that you should?  Nourishment and nurturing have been themes for the past year, as Jupiter has made his way through Cancer and escalating thechange imperative of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. Now at the final degree of that sign (he moves into Leo on Wednesday), he is whipping those themes of nourishment and nurturing up to maximum force.

Consider it a parting gift. Let them lock in at a cellular level and make taking care of yourself your new starting point.  This will happen to some extent whether you embrace it consciously or not. Make the effort. Treating yourself well attracts people and situations that will do the same, and ushers out ones that won’t, can’t or don’t.

Be kind to your inner child just now, too. With what you’ve come through, don’t you deserve a treat? Jupiter encourages self-indulgence. Ice cream or equivalent is definitely in order. That’s not a flip suggestion. It’s an exercise in allowing yourself to have. If that hasn’t come naturally to you before, there’s no time like the present for a work out.

You’ve changed in other profound ways. You are more focused and self-aware. You know more clearly what you want, what you value and who you are. All of that factors into your experiences, emotions, reactions and decisions under this Full Moon.

There’s a definite edge, too. It’s akin to street smarts, or being worldly wise. As much as some relationships and dreams are flourishing, as much as magic and miracles are in fact materializing down here on the earth plane (as they most definitely are for many people), there’s a simultaneous epidemic of discernment, discrimination and awareness in investing time, energy, resources and trust. Long-term security, consequences and viability are part of every analysis. If X feels like it has staying power (and X is something you want), you’ll let it in. If it doesn’t, you’ll drop it, perhaps without explanation or saying goodbye.  Brusk and businesslike, that’s the mode. Second chances are few, at this point, except maybe ones you give to yourself.

See if you don’t find yourself look at situation after situation with stark and sudden clarity:  I like this. I don’t like that. This feels safe (or nourishing) (or supportive). I’m done with that. I didn’t see that coming. And then acting, or responding to others, with that clarity.

Yet it’s not grim. In fact, a lot of it will be fun, life-enhancing and encouraging. Venus and Mars, rulers of our desire and drive, are cooperating beautifully. Knowing what you want and going for what you want come easily, to the point of effortlessness.

The harmony between the cosmic lovers greases social connections of all kinds. This is promising for reaching out, making overtures and following through. Conversations could flow organically on the often dangerous topics of “What is going on between us?” and “Where is this going?” — questions that are as important in business/financial dealings as in romance.

The conversations and the evolving connections both have a mature, responsible and softly therapeutic quality.  No one’s inclined to trifle with his or her own heart or money.  Long-term potential is part of the appeal as well as the nature of situations that blossom now.  A round-robin of energy is running that has the power to soften the stark, mountainous terrain of the Capricorn Full Moon. The current is flowing from the Sun in home-and-family-oriented Cancer to Saturn in Scorpio (and his preference for structure and commitment) to Chiron in Pisces and the potential for transcending longstanding emotional wounds. What unfolds for you now — what you choose to unfold now — can be stable, dependable, nurturing and beyond what your perceived wounds have allowed you to let in previously.

Watch for the brake pedal to come off when Saturn goes direct next week, on July 20. The first half of the year will be soon be distant history. A magical phase of life is beginning.

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