Somebody Come and Play: 2014 Leo New Moon

July 26, 2014
3:41 PM PDT / 6:41 PM EDT / 10:41 PM GMT
3 Leo 51

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde.

The Leo New Moon calls us to live large. After the ruckus and restructuring of the last seven months, it’s time to stop reacting and step into our most fiery, outrageous selves and let our light shine.

By this point, the newly defined contours of our lives are coming into focus. They’ve been freshly drawn and to an extent redrawn as recently as this week. We’re going into this New Moon with our brains still rattling from the latest lightning bolts, epiphanies and outright disturbances, which directly targeted the situations that are falling into (or out of) place.

Now we have permission, if not orders, to celebrate what we’ve come through — and who we have become. Let our hair down, dance, strut and stomp our foot like a four-year-old and demand, “Hey! What about me?”  All the better if the act of stomping makes you burst into giggles.

This Moon is the launch party for the rest of the year, which promises to be more high energy and just plain fun than the first half.  The party’s guest of honor has a hand in that welcome atmospheric shift:  optimistic, beneficent Jupiter, which has returned to Leo for the first time in 12 years. His expansive properties take off when he’s in a fire sign (he rules Sagittarius), and they’re spreading like wildfire this weekend.

Jupiter’s cozying up to the New Moon and pouring flame accelerant onto the early degrees of Leo.  The combo is boosting everyone’s life force, energy levels and need to be seen. Passion, enthusiasm, drama and self-aggrandizing are flaring.  If some people are a little full of themselves as a result, so be it. The rest of us have benefits aplenty. The surge is increasing the voltage of our inner light, to the point that even we acknowledge and see it. And with that perception comes the push to share it — to step into the spotlight, strut our stuff, draw moths that are dazzled by our flame, and have a heck of a time in the process.

As luxurious as this may feel, we can’t laze about in it. Mars is making a harsh contact to Jupiter and the New Moon that shoves us into action. It’s his first bold move since leaving the relationship sign of Libra, where he spent seven months issuing calls for action in our relationships and social order. He put attention again and again on The Other and the role we accord to him/her/it. Now he is slamming us into perceiving and reveling in our selves — glorious, creative, fiery, dramatic, egotistical, playful, even infantile if you like.

Other people are in the picture, of course. They always will be. For the moment, though, cosmic emphasis is on the individual as center of his or her own universe.

This is the follow-up to one of  the gifts of Jupiter’s recent trip through Cancer, which urged nurturing ourselves first before taking care of others. Now the imperative is expressing yourself. Being your Self. Letting your unique light shine so that it’s visible to those who will appreciate, enjoy and revel in it.

Think of yourself as a firefly, flashing your distinctive signal to draw the playmates who recognize it.  If a relationship requires you to stifle yourself, you will find it increasingly difficult to comply.  The line-up of this New Moon can deliver the incentive and courage to make bold moves for your own self-interest.

The relationships that do get you are locking into place now. They’re shaping up, dropping anchor and flowing into deeper connecting, trust and intimacy. Some desires may still be out of reach or delayed, by circumstances or forces not visible to you. Some situations may still have a third party in the picture. Your response?  Dress up and show off. Not to get someone’s attention. If it happens (and it likely will), that’s just a bonus. The main purpose is enjoying being yourself.

Playlist:      “Live For Today” by the Grass Roots
“I Am What I Am” from La Cage aux Folles
“Somebody Come and Play” theme from Sesame Street

Inspirational image:  Zorba the Greek dancing on the beach after a huge project of his has crashed to the ground

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