Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On: 2014 Aquarius Full Moon

August 10, 2014
11:09 AM PDT / 2:09 PM EDT / 6:09 PM GMT
18 Aquarius 2 / 18 Leo 2

“I’m changin’, arrangin’, I’m changin,’ I’m changin’ everything, ah everything around me” — Reflections of My Life, by Marmalade

All Full Moons bring a phase of culmination and harvest. This month’s Aquarius Full Moon also delivers pressure to act on whatever‘s coming to a head.

Individuation and being blasted out of entrenchment are key themes. The first and main place they play out is in our thinking — especially our thinking about ourselves.

We get a dress rehearsal on Friday, when the Sun and three planets preview the Full Moon’s motivating energies. That run-though heightens self-awareness, shakes us up with a lightning bolt or two, and demands rethinking a few givens.

All of which hits home emotionally by the Full Moon proper. This party has dynamics that no one can escape. They’re a Molotov cocktail of sudden shifts, epiphanies, daring, passions, grandstanding and intellectualizing, largely forcing issues of values, trust, sharing and ultimate cost.

The ringleaders behind this concoction are continuing the tight formation from Friday’s preview. The Sun and the Moon are collaborating closely with the Moon’s ruler, cosmic rebel Uranus, to ignite volatility, pump up personal energy and self-expression, and encourage respect for individuality (especially one’s own). The old guard’s in the house, too, though, and those three bodies are challenging him: Saturn, ruler of structure, order, and consequences. His domain is up for deep change and sudden adjustments. The Sun and the Moon are pressuring Saturn in a dynamic pattern called a t-square, which escalates tension to the point that action is inevitable. Uranus is making an adjustment aspect to him (for the rest of the summer, actually) that will cause the balance of power or emphasis on many a see-saw to flip in the blink of an eye.

Watch for “Aha!” Moments — there will be plenty — and where they take you. Logic won’t be guiding the path (although we still have the benefit of mental clarity and self-awareness delivered on Friday by mind master Mercury). Responses and reactions are more likely to be emotional, instinctive and impulsive.

The combination of celestial energies will birth emotional awakenings and realignments both inside and out.  It will facilitate breaking out of stuck places, in many cases by smashing them with a sucker punch. Invite it in to those situations that have held you back, crawled to a halt or defied resolution. (Surely you’ve got one or two lying around?) The omens are favorable for shape-shifting out-of-balance financial agreements in particular and shattering limiting programming (EFT is one approach).

This Full Moon’s developments will continuing to percolate, boil and send off steam into the fall, thanks to the ongoing inconjunct between Saturn and Uranus. The specifics are unpredictable, but the process is anything but. Self-knowledge leads to increased self-expression, which leads to  everything around you rearranging in response. This weekend’s Full Moon is part of the launch pad for the high energy and, yes, fun to come in the fall. Welcome it!

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