Forecast for September 2014

September’s theme is transition. We’re changing modes of communicating, relating and using our drive. It’s as if the lights and set are shifting on a stage, little by little, as we move from summer and gear up for the excitement of the fall.

Talk, thought and travel will go through three distinct beats as their ruler cycles from Virgo to Libra to Scorpio. The first switch takes us from analytical thinking and attention to detail to graceful language, negotiation and efforts to connect , which dominate the month (from the 2nd through the 26th).  Niceties go out the window from the 27th on. Talk becomes intense, targeted, concealing or penetrating secrets and, occasionally, fiercely honest.

Meanwhile social interactions drop glitz, drama and glamour and put on sensible shoes. Venus, goddess of love, money and creativity, takes on the earth goddess mode of Venus from the 5th through the 28th. For most of the month, how we think and communicate, and how that translates into our relationships, are intrinsically connected, more so than usual. Venus and Mercury spend that time with each in the other’s house, a special relationship known as mutual reception. Neither can act independently of the other just now. Whatever happens to one resonates with or colors the other.

This linkage inclines us to cast an analytical eye on our connections, money and selves. It encourages communicating what we see and want diplomatically, graciously and maybe just a bit manipulatively (to get the best possible, if not desired, reaction). This bodes well for addressing relationship issues, thorny or otherwise, with ration and ease. We’ll see room for improvement everywhere we look. Be sure to cast that eye on yourself.

Pay attention to boundaries, too. Redrawing or protecting them will be epidemic issues when the Pisces Full Moon meets with Chiron on the 8th. Stabilizing Saturn is trining them both, facilitating a new, lasting and healthier relationship with the rest of creation  — or weighting the sensitives among us down to the point of immobilizing them. Boundaries.  Boundaries. (Listen to my free talk Navigating the Shift for tools to help you wring out.)

The 10th through the 21st is a gauntlet of twinkling relationship developments. Mundane versus spiritual love (or is somebody foolin’?) morphs into an irresistible force by the 14th (triangulation alert!), puts us to a choice, like it or not (see previous parenthetical!), and then deposits us on firm ground…which may be surrounded by clouds.

Confusing? Tantalizing? Probably. But we’re game, all of us. Mars, the ruler of our drive, heads on the 13th into Sagittarius, which increases energy, optimism and the desire to run off into adventure. He’s stoking our engines for the next round of change, scheduled to erupt in October.

The first day of fall, September 22, is also part of the set-up.  Pluto, agent of unavoidable change, stations direct on the equinox and fills the days on either side of it with the unmistakable sense that monumental forces are in play.  The time is coming, soon, for the new phase in relating — and for the payoff from all the negotiating and rearranging we did from December through July.

The Libra New Moon on the 24th sets the ball in motion, and it’s anybody’s guess where it’s coming from, or where it’s heading, or how it will land. Good-time Jupiter is sharing flame accelerant with unpredictable cosmic change agent Uranus. The excitement they ignite will propel us out of the month and into the next.

As we fly out, Mercury shifts into Scorpio — heightening intrigue and instilling us with X-Ray vision — while Venus enters the relationship sign of Libra, her second home.  Relationship cards are on the table. Show your hand. Ask for what you want. Accept it.

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