2014 Pisces Full Moon: Hot Tub Time & Space Machine

September 8-9, 2014
6:38 PM PDT / 9:38 PM EDT / 1:38 AM GMT
16 Pisces 19 / 16 Virgo 19

This year’s Pisces Full Moon is a watershed in our emotional experience. It is forcing a break in the tumult by immersing us in feelings that this year has stirred.  They are rising, cresting, flooding, washing over boundaries and connecting us to hidden, wounded parts of ourselves and others.

The impact is overwhelming any power of logic, which can not steer, navigate or respond just now. Resist the waters and their force will only grow stronger.  Don’t fight them. They may be sorrowful, bittersweet and nostalgic, but they carry great potential to heal and stabilize.

The past is very much present in the currents. Reminders are swirling, soothing and engulfing us.  Some speak to issues that remain no matter how much we work on them: feeling inadequate, damaged, isolated or utterly enmeshed.  (Or, paradoxically, isolated yet utterly enmeshed, which creates the agony of feeling unnoticed or devalued in the midst of, and often while drowning in, other people’s lives.)

Some reminders are more gentle: the sweetness of memories and dear friendships now separated by decades or miles, artistic pursuits that have fallen from your schedule, and other escapes that once filled your life.

Think in these terms of what you have been experiencing in the past few days. In some way, the old is rising alongside awareness that your relation to it is different now, or that your health and sanity now requires a different relationship.

Whatever wells up — memories, songs, seemingly unstoppable tears — let it flow.  This Moon is a baptism, dunking all of your being into waters that can cleanse, purify and anoint you for a more sacred and loving approach to life.

Love, as always, begins with the self.  Healthy, self-protective boundaries are essential, and this Moon is testing them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or drowning, you’re receiving a huge signal to retreat, regroup and set up new barriers.

That does not mean shutting people out. Fences make good neighbors, the saying goes. You will deal with your own life better — and the people whose emotions you’ve been carrying will do the same with theirs — if you draw a line around yourself that clearly shows where you stop and they begin. (For pointers on boundaries and wringing yourself out, listen to my talk Navigating the Shift.)

This Full Moon is a milestone in learning to live with each other — in recognizing and feeling our connections, expressing love and compassion and yet remaining intact. With Chiron next to the Moon herself, the potential for healing is limitless.

It’s also profound, down to the cellular level, and lasting.  Order and stability may well come from this full-being immersion. Hard as it may be to contain water, but that’s not impossible, and certainly not when the Moon and Chiron are trining time lord Saturn, ruler of order, structure and responsibility. Set your mind and heart on the most healing, loving experience for yourself, and give yourself over to it. The rest will fall into place, even if you do not have the vision now to see how.

Learn more in my podcast for this week (6:03 minutes) and forecasts for September (full and flash). Been feeling/noticing despair? Read how to Stay Bright Amid the Darkness.

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