Turn On Your Love Light: 2014 Libra New Moon

September 23-24, 2014
11:13 PDT / 2:13 AM EDT / 6:13 AM GMT
1 Libra 7

This year’s Libra New Moon will shine on throughout the entire fall. Arriving a day after the autumnal equinox, it colors the season with new phases and horizons in relationships.

Most of the year has led the way to what is coming. Ground rules and specific connections have received quite the workover since the winter holidays.  Mars, god of aggression and ruler of our drive, spent the first seven months of the year marching through Venus’ domain and arguing with the cosmic change agents, Uranus and Pluto.  The dust-ups (think back to March and April in particular) put the issue of how we can and want to live together smack in the middle of the fundamental restructuring that everyone and everything has been undergoing since 2012.

Our approaches and attitudes are vastly different as a result, and so is the cast of characters in our lives.  Awareness of that has deepened in just the last few days, as Pluto, bringer of unavoidable change, stations direct and sends an unmistakable signal to our very cells. The time has come to put all the changes we have been considering, scheming and negotiating on the table, and implement them.  With this New Moon, we are walking through a collective doorway into a new relationship mode.

The chart for the New Moon hints at some of the characteristics of that mode. Change in the status quo and a refocusing of priorities are built into the equation, as shown by the Moon’s wide square, or demand for action, to Pluto.  Relationships that take off now will reflect and support the participants’ real identities, instead of presenting qualities that you think (or society says) the other person will want. Existing connections will become more real as well, or shrivel into irrelevance.

More real means more workable, for all involved. The Moon’s ruler, Venus, goddess of love, money, creativity and everything else we value, is inviting us to improve all our dealings, new and old, with healthier boundaries. She’s also stirring the urge to merge with a vengeance, nurturing both equality and physicality between partners. An upgrade in — or at least more awareness of — the role of the feminine is in the mix. That also entails adjustments in father/daughter relationships (on the individual level) and the patriarchy’s stance toward girls and women (on the collective).

We’re setting out on the path now. If you don’t feel how new and different it is, you will, and soon. October is bringing high drama, fiery passions, monumental revelations and chapter closings. Cosmic forces will be hitting the reset button and propelling us into ever deeper experiences of trust and intimacy.  Fasten your seat belts. We’re in for the ride of our lives.

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