2014 Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

2014 Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
October 8, 2014
3:50 AM PDT / 6:50 AM EDT / 10:50 AM GMT
15 Aries 5/ 15 Libra 5

This month’s Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has the force of dynamite blowing open a safe in our hearts. The emotions it releases may be explosive and fiery, but so is the liberation it’s delivering.

Every Full Moon is a moment of culmination, when events and feelings crest to a level that can not be ignored. A lunar eclipse enhances that quality with moments of revelation. We see factors that have been going on outside our conscious perception, usually for a long, long time, from bugaboos in our own psyches to stuff other people have been up to, influenced by or feeling.

With the revelations, and often because of them, a massive reboot occurs. Chapters close. People leave. Our feelings change.  All of this is for good (in both senses of that word), whether it happens in one life-changing blast, or whether it unspools over a period of months.

Relationships are core to everything happening now: Our relationship to ourselves. How we see and present ourselves in relation to others. The role that relationships play in our lives. How we treat other people and how we let them treat us. Specific relationships and specific people, whether currently in our lives or lodged in our psyches.

The current eclipse brings us full cycle from October 1995, when an Aries lunar eclipse last took place at this degree. What kinds of choices did you make then?   (For example, in 1995 I had knowingly settled for much less than I wanted, because I had given up and decided nothing better was coming. In the build-up to the October eclipse one sentence in a seemingly casual conversation changed everything, and I heard, “This will never work” bubble up from some previously unknown part of myself. Getting out took till the spring — the remainder of the eclipse cycle — because we’d just signed a lease together. But internally, from that moment on, I was done.)

You’re gravitating toward different options now, because you have profoundly changed since then — especially in how you value yourself. Everything that’s being fired up now has been undergoing relentless pressure to evolve for the past couple of years. Your current situations, impulses and options are outgrowths of two recent times in particular:  the end of last year and again this past April.

Think of the signals you got then that your personal relationship (and self-worth) status quo was entering a wildly different phase. The first round, between Christmas and New Year’s (and perhaps into the middle of January) might have brought startling breakthroughs, or might have been more of a head’s up. The second, in April, might have had more of a quality of being suspended in awareness of brewing changes, rather than experiencing them.

The instigator both times was Mars, which rules the masculine drive, marching through the relationship sign of Libra and locking horns with Uranus and Pluto, the two cosmic change agents that have been destabilizing all of our foundations since 2012.  In mid-April, the three of them formed a grand cardinal cross with the enlarging influence of Jupiter. They’re all in play again with this eclipse, but it different positions, and new players have entered the fray.

We have reached the point of accepting, assimilating and doing something about all the relationship and self-worth issues that have been sensitized.  Be honest with yourself about what you want — and your deserving to have it. Your order’s being fulfilled, and allies are on the scene to help. The Sun and Venus are in the position that Mars occupied at Christmas and during April’s cardinal cross, so whatever’s arriving is in alignment with what you now value.

No timid or half measures now, either (as if there were currently possible). We’re all in for high-voltage, high-velocity twists, blasts, take-offs, break-outs and breakthroughs. The eclipse’s revelations will have a combustive and motivating emotional impact on us, since the Moon is siding with the volatile, unpredictable and individual element in the ongoing change imperative. (Think: Molotov cocktail.)

She’s sandwiched between Uranus and her south node, a point that represents what we are moving away from.  This combo holds the power to blow up attachment to the past, to ignite booster rockets and shoot us into daring new orbits and to leave bridges blazing in the wake of our take-off.

That alone would be enough to make this eclipse a life changing event. Another configuration is pouring right into it that is unlocking energy and life force like we have never experienced, and will not again. (Heady words, but true.)

A round robin of fire energy, called a grand trine, is coursing from the Moon and Uranus to Jupiter to Mars — two of the forces that held us suspended but chomping at the bit in April.  They’re igniting the opposite extreme, inflaming us to impulsive action and self-actualization, without forethought or consideration of the consequences. (Good thing we’ve been grappling with these issues for years, right?)

We’re roaring back to life and riding fierce, furious and unpremeditated passions. They could be anger, could be boundless, enthusiastic derring-do, could be kundalini rising; at times, they will be blazing in wild cauldron of all. They’ll tamp down, a bit, at the Scorpio New Moon in two weeks, but only a bit. What they spark in us, in our connections and in our lives will not have its first big measuring point until the Libra lunar eclipse next April.

That notion that you have to do everything on your own, that you can’t rely on anybody, that no matter what you do, you’re fundamentally on your own? It’s toast. So are those patterns of putting up with less than loving treatment. Stop hauling this stuff out of the garbage and into your heart and life. Let it burn away, finally. The same with all those ghosts that Mercury retrograde is summoning.  Send them into flames that will purify the memories and turn pain and resentment to ash.

Open your eyes and look around. The true you is not alone. A new traveling party has assembled And at least one somebody  is on the scene who sees You at the depth of your soul.

Suggested ritual: Since we’re all on fire, work with fire. Write out descriptions of the chapters you are closing, the past behaviors, programming and attachments you (or that) are blowing up and anything else you’d like to burn away. Ceremonially set fire to the paper(s) in a pit or fireplace or large bowl. If you’re daring, energetically place yourself in the fire, too, with the intention that you will emerge reborn and revitalized like a phoenix. And you will.

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