Forecast for December 2014

Reviewing and wrapping up are part of every December. This year’s process is more far-reaching than the norm. Instead of looking back at just the year, we’re looking at several multi-year cycles that are hitting significant measuring points at once.

We’re nearly done with the intense change imperative that has been disrupting and morphing the status quo since the summer of 2012. And we’re finishing up two years of lessons in how we share, trust and reciprocate (or not).

A lot that happens this December is going to feel era-ending, larger-than-life, profoundly important, maybe fated, and high stakes to an extreme. These characteristics color the entire holiday season, not so much disrupting it as giving it rich, deep textures. Warm and fuzzy moments will still abound, but with a calculating awareness of change and sometimes loss, of what matters most and of how very different life is becoming.

The utter restructuring of our lives is one pervasive issue. By now, you should be acutely aware of what’s at stake for you. Likely you have moved from having it happen to you to actively grappling with it (especially since December, April and this fall). The month brings the next-to-last clash between the two bodies that have been forcing profound structural change since 2012.

Don’t be surprised if your thoughts go back two to three years (and if they don’t, send them there) by the 15th, when Uranus and Pluto, agents of unpredictable and unavoidable change, form the sixth of their seven action-demanding aspects. The lightning strikes and seismic shifts coming off this should not be bringing huge new elements into the picture, but pushing into being the revised approaches, structures, goals and relationships that have been stirring below the surface.

Our hearts, values, relationships and above all bank balances factor in. Their ruler Venus is returning to the cold reality of Capricorn on Dec. 11, bringing us full circle from her retrograde that started the year. What we’re seeing, experiencing and birthing now grows out of the the reevaluation and sorting that we all did from last December through January. (Mars in Aquarius, starting on the 4th, adds to our generally detached, matter-of-fact stance.)

All these issues, people and situations get worked over by the change agents as they move toward their clash the 20th, which blasts us with epiphanies and jailbreaks, while inflaming desires that can not be denied. (So much for detachment.) We’re going to want what we want with startling, breath-taking passion, consequences be damned (although in many cases they will actually be allied with higher forces).

Minds, conversations and all manner of vehicles quickly respond. They get a workover early in the month courtesy of the Gemini full moon on the 6th, which spotlights which of them have value and which have run their course (and sets fire to the more expansive and fun ones). Those break apart, shift, evolve and lock in tightly when Mercury, ruler of our information and travel flow, runs the gauntlet of the change agents on Christmas Eve and Day. No “Silent Night” this year; those two days promise important, forceful and ultimately profound communication. Again, don’t be surprised if thoughts and conversations wander back to last year, as well as to two summers ago and earlier.

The remaining wrap-up involves Saturn ending his two-year stay in Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius on Dec. 23. The taskmaster has been in Pluto’s sign for much of the Uranus/Pluto clashing. This has factored issues of shared resources, power, trust, reciprocity and responsibility into the ongoing evolution of our personal and collective infrastructure. With the shift to Sagittarius, we will experience the ramifications of beliefs, laws, broadcast information, and attitudes toward all things foreign. The immediate impact will be heightened awareness of systems of thought, and taking (or experiencing) responsibility for what we believe.

Be forewarned: With that switch happening immediately before Mercury’s scuffle with the change agents on the 24th and 25th, karma will be instant, and there will be no take backs. Your beliefs about certain people and situations (family, probably) are up for utter destruction. Everyone stands to benefit. You don’t want to be thought of as a child, and it may well be time to let your relatives be who they are now, instead of the rigidly constructed characters in your memory.


2012-12-23 12.16.56

Keep focus on the present as the cycles come back around for review. Actively acknowledge them when they pop up, and make a point to acknowledge your growth as well. So much of your inner and outer landscapes has altered over the past three years. An appropriate way to usher this one out would be a burning bowl. Write down what you are bidding adieu, what you are keeping and embracing, and what you are welcoming in. Burn the paper(s) in a large bowl, ceremonially, around midnight as the year shifts.

Whether you do that or not, next year will be different. Easier. More expansive. Possibly even happier. Bless everything in this crazy-making year that played a role.

Learn more in my weekly podcast, full and new moon forecasts (posted a day before) and guide for Fall 2014. In honor of the month’s first weekend, read my St. Nicholas Day memories (including the year he showed up at my door. Seriously. Really.).

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