2014 Gemini Full Moon

December 6, 2014
4:26 AM PST / 7:26 AM EST / 12:26 PM GMT
14 Gemini 17 / 14 Sagittarius 17

This month’s Gemini Full Moon spotlights the quality and power of our thoughts. Forget the old saying that ends “words will never hurt me.” This Moon reminds us that they are not theoretical concepts, but forces that touch us deeply and shape our experience of reality.

Full Moons always culminate a cycle and bring emotions and story lines to a head. This one is particularly high-energy, catalyzing and clearing.

Its scope is enormous:  It’s inspiring awareness of the chatter in our heads, along with clarity about who we are.  It’s inflaming situations, beliefs and prejudices past the point of toleration, inflaming vocal reactions and demanding that we see and respect our interconnectedness. (Hence protests in the streets nationwide in solidarity with geographically distant grand jury decisions.) It’s burning off repetitive thinking, parroting and default patterns, or at least giving our chains a good hard yank that forces a good hard look and rethinking. It’s igniting optimism and a hunger for more positive, expansive outlook. And it’s sparking relationship issues, particularly arising from longstanding wounds or involving notions of commitment and equal partnership.

The highly personal, self-reflective aspect comes from the Moon’s ruler, Mercury, standing at the center of the activity. (He’s only a degree away from the Sun and off an opposition with the Moon.)  We’re not merely in our heads, though; his position adds a lovely harmony between mind and emotion, thanks to his easy flow with the Sun’s ruler, Jupiter.

The flow from bigger-is-better Jupiter is also mushrooming this Moon’s effects into cartoonish territory. His influence encourages good humor, grandiosity, and going for more, more, more. That’s a raging, energy-amping, life-awakening blaze right now. As happened in October with the Aries lunar eclipse, this Full Moon locks into another grand trine in fire, blazing from Uranus  (epiphanies & breaks) and the south side (what we’re moving away from) in Aries, to Juno (archetype of the spouse) and Jupiter in Leo, to the Sun (our masculine side) and Mercury (how we communicate and get around) in Sagittarius.

This round robin of energy feeds fieriness in thoughts and emotions — from frustration, self-righteous anger, prejudice and political outrage to lust for life and adventure, high spirits and passion of any kind.  It’s motivating, activating, energizing and warming, causing impulses to spark and flare and rush out without premeditation, delivering the courage and firepower to think and speak boldly.

The fire trine is pumping up the individuating, liberating, rebellious impulses we’ve all been feeling. They’re one end of the tectonic plate-shifting building from the Uranus/Pluto square, which will be exact for the 6th out of 7 times on the 15th. The imperative to change has been hammering our foundations since the squares began in 2012. By this point the process has morphed from disruption and turmoil to our coming to grips with what has changed and taking action to deal with it. As the cosmic conveyor belt takes us to this next stage of remodeling and restructuring, the grand fire trine is inciting us to pick up our tools, knock down teetering walls and crumbling plates and commandeer the next construction phase.

There’s a significant therapeutic element, too. That comes from the tight, dynamic link between the Moon’s ruler Mercury and Chiron, which represents our abiding wound and the challenge of mastering it to become fully human. The time is ripe for moving past isolationist thinking and realizing (a) you are not alone and (b) we are all in this life together. Rewriting your scripts and backstory is also timely. The Mercury/Chiron push encourages neutralizing wounded thought patterns and hitting a point of peace and resolution.

Dump your mental trash. Be mindful of what you are exposed to in your information flow. Ditch avenues of communication that are punching your wounds, or reinforcing limiting thoughts, or fouling your mood, outlook or experience of life. Stop engaging with people who make you feel bad or throw negativity around like monkeys flinging you-know-what in a cage.

Pay attention to where your thoughts gravitate, to the words you routinely use, and to the beliefs you speak and live. If you find negativity, intervene. Reframe and rephrase like a demon.  Do a burning ritual in a fire pit or tall, safe bowl. Burn away the bad things you say about yourself, your life, your prospects, other people. Factor in forgiveness, too. Don’t worry about going overboard. That vibe is in the air. Work it to your advantage.

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