2014 Capricorn New Moon

December 21-22, 2014

0 Capricorn 6

5:35 PM PST / 8:35 PM EST / 1:35 AM GMT

With the 2014 Capricorn New Moon, mid-December’s wild developments go from shifts and shocks to game plan for the winter and a new way of being.  The launch is clarifying, simplifying and sober(ing). The stillness in the air isn’t cold and calculating, though. (Well, not entirely.) A motivating undercurrent is palpable, as if destiny and desire are working hand in hand.

The transition promises to fall into place more quickly and solidly than you might think going into it. As if someone is flipping a switch, we are transitioning from What Was into What Is, in an instant. What Is sets us on an ascending path leading into the spring.  As the first week goes on, you’ll realize you’re already on the path, and your heart and mind are on board with it.

The first moments, though, may wind you. Odds are your head is still spinning from the head-spinning, accelerated whirlwind of restructuring that preceded the New Moon. That whirlwind isn’t going away, or rather, the effects of it are not. They color the New Moon and, because the Moon happens on the solstice, the entire winter season as well.

The whirlwind is spinning off change agents Uranus and Pluto confronting first each other and then Venus, ruler of our hearts, desires and values. The first confrontation is hardly new; that duo has been putting us through pervasive, volatile and unavoidable transformation since 2012.  By this point, we’ve largely come to accept that life is not going back to the contours it once held. We’re even beginning to embrace and work with the new circumstances.

This latest tectonic plate shifting, though, is packing a disorienting wallop, shoving, yanking and catapulting us into the new conditions and new ways of proceeding that are What Is. Instabilities in our foundations have roared open. Long-teetering situations have cracked apart.  We have become unmoored from what we’ve known, stood on and relied on.

Previous navigational systems are down. We’re moving forward, gingerly, on strange turf and in new and eerily unfamiliar ways. Professional intuitives in my acquaintance are discovering that their prior modes of accessing information have outright disappeared, replaced by unfamiliar methods. For everyone, in some way, our means of bridging realities — imagination and productivity, ideas and words, the energetic/spiritual realm and the mundane world — has been, quite simply, blown up.

A primal, instinctive, cellular demand has taken hold, too. It’s laying waste to what we can no longer tolerate and igniting what we must have to survive and thrive. Our hearts and bank accounts must be fed, our values and worth respected and affirmed – not merely sufficiently, though that’s a desirable start; abundantly.

The New Moon formalizes the changed conditions and encourages acclimating to them. The Moon’s ruler, Saturn, lord of structure, is all about the formality and acceptance.  He’s in the final minutes of Scorpio, bearing down on the issues of sharing, cost, return, reciprocity, trust and intimacy that he has pressured for the past two years. He’s moving to Sagittarius on the 23rd, but this pressure remains in the solstice chart and in the winter. The intensity signals:  there’s no going back; we are at the end of an era.

Motivation abounds to get with the program. The New Moon has a fiercely instigating quality, for several reasons. First, it falls on the solstice, the start date of the winter season. Second, it takes place at the very first degree of Capricorn, and barely minutes into it at that. The location graces this moon phase and this season with the rawest, most self-starting expression of the most goal-oriented sign of the zodiac.

Third, not only does it incorporate the change imperative of Uranus, Pluto and Venus, but it coincides with awakening Uranus going direct. The impact is akin to a ship moving forward with such force that it yanks the anchor free, or a trebuchet (look it up) flinging us over a barrier into unexplored territory. Sudden, fierce, initiating, motivating; watch for all those qualities to color your life as the year ends.

Clarity comes promptly. Christmas Eve and Day resound with it. We know our heart’s desires on a profoundly basic level, and that includes the people and situations we want and value most. Cobwebs shake loose. Messages and insight erupt out of nowhere or the most unlikely places.  We know, and we feel, and we act accordingly. Step by astonishing step, into the new year, into the new phase, into our new lives.

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