2015 Cancer Full Moon

January 4-5, 2015

8:53 PM PST / 11:53 PM EST /  4:53 AM GMT

14 Cancer 30 / 14 Capricorn 30

by Kathy Biehl

The first Full Moon of 2015 reawakens the most challenging energies of 2014 and reveals how far we’ve come — and where it’s time to move on.

Even if you’re faring well, the reveal promises discomfort and, ultimately, growth. Although Cancer is the sign of nesting, clucking and kissing booboos to make them better, we are more likely to be craving all that, rather than experiencing it.

The Cancer Full Moon stirs fundamental questions that have plagued us on and off for six years, and most pointedly since last April: How safe, nourished and nurtured do you feel? Do you feel at home in your skin? In the world? How? Where? What role do your relationships play in all your answers?

All of these have undergone profound and irreversible changes in the last few years. Our answers have been more conscious, more specific and more targeted. No matter what your answers are going in, the weekend unlocks other possibilities and perspectives.

Startling twists and developments, involving our sense of security and tribal connections, are erupting now, destabilizing long-term plans and expectations and forcing unapologetic, ruthless and fundamental shape-shifting in each individual. Previous notions of obligation and responsibility are turning on a dime. Being in shock could alternate with emotions cresting and tears overflowing, equally from joy or pain.

The Full Moon locks directly into the change imperative of Uranus and Pluto, which are reworking our inner and outer landscapes through next March. Primal, unavoidable Pluto is with the Sun, reshaping our inner foundations and goals, stripping away artifice and insecurities and birthing new-found confidence, personal power and self-awareness. The Sun, Moon and Pluto are pressuring radical, volatile Uranus, unleashing epiphanies, upending plans and freeing us (want it or not), all in an instant. With Uranus by the South Node, we’re being yanked from outmoded behaviors and old ways of being, particularly if we still believe (or fear) that we can’t rely on others.

It’s all emotional clean-up for last year’s intense restructurings, when we went from feeling the ground beneath our feet periodically and unexpectedly crack open to starting to work actively with the changed conditions. This line-up repeats the tensions of the cardinal cross of last April, which suspended us over fundamental questions of identity, home, relationships and career and gave no room to move, so all we could do was observe them and experience our discomfort.

Now we have a clearer sense of who we are, what we’re dealing with and who is with us. As we move more fully into the restructured terrain, we’re at a moment of emotional acknowledgement and reckoning. There’s an air of situations becoming real, of gravity and of grounding.

Although some of us are grappling with shocks and heart-rending developments, it’s not all painful and unpleasant. Some of what we’re hearing and feeling is calming and reassuring, and even supporting people and matters we cherish, The Sun’s ruler, Saturn, is in a harmonious and cooperative aspect to Venus, ruler of all we hold dear, and Mercury, ruler of communication and getting around. This trio makes it easy to speak from the heart and convey messages with lasting value.  We can hear them as well, thanks to the detachment of Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, which keeps us from submerging in those Cancerian waters and counterbalances the temptation to take anything personally now.

The cooperation among Saturn, Venus and Mercury also bodes well for where our relationships are heading. What transpires now — the emotions that surface and pour out, the uprootings and jolts, the breaks from the past, the skin-shedding and shape-shifting — dovetails with new forms of connecting and communicating. This is a bridging Full Moon, helping us process a backlog of emotions while entering a new, less constricting and more consciously constructed phase of coexistence.

We’re all regenerating into new forms, like Doctor Who, the BBC television character who has changed appearance and personality multiple times over 50 years. Our current regeneration is like the character’s most recent transformation, when the Eleventh Doctor fell quickly backward and lurched upright, just as quickly, as the Twelfth Doctor, no longer a familiar, seductive man-child but an abrupt older figure not yet certain of who he was — or how to fly his ship.  We are, similarly, exploring and accustoming to our new form and figuring out how to maneuver it. We’re still cooking, too.  The energy of regeneration may continue to spill out of our hands and heads for the next few weeks, but we are already on the far side of the process, with no turning back.

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