Forecast for the 2015 Leo Full Moon

February 3, 2015

14 Leo 47 / 14 Aquarius 47

3:08 PM PST / 6:08 PM EST / 11:08 GMT

In the depth of winter, the Leo Full Moon directs attention to our inner fires. It’s always prone to drama, flair and aggrandized emotions, but this year’s model is more exciting and larger than life than usual.  This one comes with the cosmic equivalent of tossing accelerant and couple of sticks of dynamite into the flames.

The mix is motivating, energizing and, ultimately, life-affirming. Even if the week’s events are not exceptional (which is unlikely), your inner experience will be. Energies are coming to the surfacing that have been sparking for some time, and they are signs of developments to come next month. Consider what happens this week as starting to come back to life in the midst of the winter doldrums and the Piscean fog that is enveloping us.

Watch for themes in the hubbub: How brightly and how far does your light shine? Are you holding it back, or do you fan and revel in it? Who notices? Who finds warmth in it? Who appreciates, validates and/or fuels it?

The last questions especially are rampant and controlling. Your light has a force that demands expression now. If people don’t get you, don’t value you or, worse, lessen your fire, it is nigh on impossible for the connection to stay in place. Dampers are blowing off, open and apart. Situations or agreements that don’t sufficiently honor you are being stressed to the point of eruption. If they somehow survive the week, they’re being primed for the next and likely round of disruption in March.

The opposite is happening with audiences that do get, applaud and fuel you. Some simmering attractions are bursting into flame and awareness. Inner children are finding their playmates. Hearts are recognizing their matches, in both senses of the word.

It’s all part of the long-term, large-scale rearranging of our playing fields. The Moon locks into the tension between the cosmic change agents Uranus (unpredictable,  volatile and liberating) and Pluto (unavoidable, primal and restructuring). These two titans have been reworking the foundations of our existence for the past three years. They are building to the last of seven tectonic-plate-shifting clashes, which will be exact on March 17.

Uranus in Aries — source of the above-mentioned dynamite — is making a helpful link to the Aquarian Sun (which he rules) and Leo Moon. The effect encourages individuation, self-actualization, courage and daring, in a flash, without warning, and likely without remorse. This teamwork unlocks your perspective on yourself, kills tolerance for being ignored and inflames the desire for (and sense of entitlement to) attention and applause. If you have been hankering for a jail break, this Moon could make it happen.

Consider this, though:  if you are irritated with someone for not giving the attention you want, trace that dissatisfaction back into yourself.  Why are you looking for outside validation? Could your displeasure have anything to do with your not adequately valuing yourself?

All these traits and possibilities are being pumped up exponentially by Jupiter, retrograding into a direct flow to Uranus. The link becomes exact in March (note the theme yet?) and is already close enough for his bountiful properties to be fanning the flames now.

The Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon are also directly contacting Pluto and his metamorphic powers. The Sun is in a growth aspect, inviting us to purge primal fears, alter our structures and foundations to honor our personal truth and align our will with a greater one. The Moon is making an adjustment aspect to Pluto, requiring us to adapt emotionally to our changed conditions and reshape emotional attachments to, again, honor our personal truth.

Simply put, our hearts and sense of self are catching up with change, heading for arenas where they can freely shine and leaving ones where they can’t, with developments to come in March.

More simply put, we’re living the defining quote from the 80s film “Dirty Dancing.” “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” — Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze).


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