Enormous Changes At the Last Minute: Astrology Forecast for March 2015

Never mind the calendar and the weather. The most active time of the year has arrived.  March puts us through a gauntlet of flaring passions, fire bombs, eruptions, earthquakes, departures, and shape shifts that stabilize surprisingly quickly. And most of the action kicks in well before the first day of spring.

Little is coming out of nowhere. Developments are breaking into being that have been building below the surface, or starting and stalling, or taunting us from the periphery or elsewhere. The trigger comes from three big influences happening in quick succession. Their combined effect escalates the action, rearranges the playing field (and the players) and shoots us in a direction for years to come.

Cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto have their final smack down mid-month, wrapping up the foundational restructuring they have been demanding for the past three years. See if you don’t dive into their last clash head on, consciously or not.  Gumption, daring and a gambler’s confidence are yours, whether you’ve been biding your time, whether you’ve been dillydallying or fence-sitting, and whether the final showdown catches you unawares.  (By the way, if you warmed up to changing conditions last fall but were unable to move forward, the time is ripe to tackle them.)

March 1-10
The beginning of the month fortifies us for the final clash.  Messages and realizations abound that set the stage for our approach. As Mercury, ruler of our information flow, finally leaves the turf he traveled during his recent retrograde, perspectives clarify to make sense of much that happened (or didn’t happen) in January and February.

The month’s first 10 days ignite life force, desire, ambition and other fierce impulses as expansive Jupiter links to Uranus and the cosmic lovers Venus, goddess of love, and Mars, god of war.  These meetings have the effect of throwing flame accelerant on the Uranian end of the equation, escalating unpredictability, volatility, rebelliousness, radical shifts in perspective, and strikes for freedom and individuality, come what may. (You might sense a connection to the fires of last October, when this link most recently occurred.)

Amid such excitement, the Virgo Full Moon on the 5th is unlikely to draw much attention. It offers as a gentle grounding force, reminding us to exercise discernment, maintain healthy boundaries and take our vitamins. We are not likely to heed its cautions, not when we have felt held back for so long and sense so much finally coming to life.

The brakes are lifting on desires, too. Venus and Mars are in hunter mode and going for broke. Nothing’s getting in their way, either. Jupiter is egging them on, Uranus is unlocking inhibitions (as if this pair in Aries had many in the first place), and Pluto is making cravings nigh on impossible to resist. With that outer planet triple whammy, subtlety and caution go out the window and I WANT takes over.

March 12-17
While the fires are still crackling, Mercury enters Pisces (on the 12th), where logical thought gives way to knowing, blending and grokking. Intuitive, instinctive navigation is the only way to go now, especially with Saturn beginning a nearly six-month retrograde on the 14th. His about-face promptly stirs trouble with Mercury, highlighting the year’s theme of answering for the words and beliefs that run through our minds and out of our mouths. “Nos” and walls you encounter may not be the final answer. Pushing through won’t work at this point, though; turn on your inner GPS and bide your time.

As Mercury and Saturn square off, on the 16th, so do Uranus and Pluto, for the seventh and final time. They are unleashing one final tectonic plate shift, which puts the playing field in the condition that will remain for the foreseeable future (and stabilize beyond what you can currently imagine, in the fall).

See if you don’t dive into this final clash head on, full of daring and gumption and come-what-may bravado. Your life has radically altered since June 2012, when the first square took place. (The rest happened in September 2012, May and November 2013, and April and December 2014.)  Foundations have cracked open. Connections and agreements have shattered. Rule books have changed. Your own priorities and programming have evolved. Odds are by last fall you stopped resisting or fighting the changing conditions and moved to facing and even dealing with them.  What happens now is full of surprises. The person you will likely surprise most is yourself.

The urge for solid ground and firm footing comes quickly. Venus, ruler of how we relate and what we desire, moves into her home base of Taurus on March 17th and encourages sinking all the hubbub into tangible, sensory and bankable currency.  Chocolate, wine, fresh flowers and gentle caresses are not luxuries, but necessary comforts.  Attention is still split, though, with part of it still fixed on going after desires, rather than having them delivered to us. That’s because Venus’ lover Mars will not join her in Taurus until the end of the month; he continues questing on his beloved battlefield until the 31st.

March 20: The Year’s First Eclipse on the First Day of Spring
While shockwaves are spreading from Uranus and Pluto’s final smack down,  the year’s first eclipse occurs on the first day of spring, 13 hours before the Sun enters Aries. March’s new moon takes place at the last degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces. This is an extraordinarily sensitive location. It is called the degree of ultimate sorrow, because it embodies the culmination of everything carried by all of existence. It is also, effectively, the first degree of the zodiac, the critical Aries point, which is the most instigating, propelling and dynamic degree affecting the collective experience.

As the three-year process of the Uranus/Pluto square sets our new platform into place, this New Moon catapults us far onto it. Issues of boundaries, compassion and interconnectedness color the spring, which officially starts at 6:46 EDT, and last at least until September’s Virgo solar eclipse.

More housecleaning is part of the deal. A solar eclipse always sends situations and people out the door. It is like the lights going out at the end of an act on stage, scene changes occurring in the blackout, and the lights gradually coming on to reveal who and what is now on stage. Martyrdom, sacrifice and carrying other people’s burdens drive many of the set changes, particularly decisions not to engage in any of that any longer. Star Trek’s prime directive is a pertinent guideline: not to interfere in a species’ right to self-determination.

March 22-31
The first days of spring provide a gentle lead-out from the tumult of the first half of the month. They make it easy to embrace empowering truths, connect our hearts to higher guidance and express true love (as opposed to romance) down here on earth. With Mercury meeting Chiron, words have a healing power that can soothe and rectify longstanding wounds, especially involving inner dialogue we’ve used to harm ourselves.

Personal stabilizing builds by the 25th, whether outer conditions are calming or not.  Desires are mushrooming, too. Everyone is asking for more, and you may reach further than is your norm. Don’t worry that you’ve been implanted with an entitlement gene. What you’re wanting — even demanding — isn’t trivial or frivolous, but deeply meaningful and compelling, as the money and desire planets Venus and Pluto open the channel of a trine on the 30th.

Mercury’s shift to high-energy, fearless Aries encourages directly asking for what you want. Our words continue to hop as our drive starts to settle down. Mars enters Taurus on the 31st and inclines us to slow down, examine what is before us,  and proceed deliberately. After the month’s excitement, we’ll be ready for some slow time. Not to mention a snack and a nap.

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