Forecast for 2015 Virgo Full Moon

March 5, 2015
14 Virgo 50 / 14 Pisces 50
10:05 AM PST / 1:05 PM EST / 60:05 PM GMT

The Virgo Full Moon pulls our minds and spirits into the eruptions of the hyperactive first week of this hyperactive month.

A lot has been changing quickly and drastically, inside and out.  We’re all in for some emotional catching up and processing. The question is what to do with our minds, and with each other.

It’s a high stakes moment.  We’re nearing the final peak in the radical structural change that has been ongoing since 2012.  Uranus and Pluto are setting off one last round of tectonic plate shifts as they move into the last of seven squares on March 16.

Each of them has cosmic assistance in their corner.  Bigger-is-better Jupiter has been whipping up Uranus, the unpredictable, rebellious and individuating agent of sudden change. Now this Full Moon is tilling and moistening the ground being worked over by Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change.  What we contemplate, vent and process now pours directly into that ground.

The Virgo Full Moon has the inherent paradox — and, often, discomfort — of involving the intellect in the utterly nonrational realm of emotions. The sign’s gift of logic and discernment could certainly come in handy, given the current volatility.  The trick will be not going overboard into mental chewing and critical thinking or, at the other extreme, into escapism or blurred boundaries. Any could slip through the emotional release valve the Full Moon is opening.

A mental approach has decided dangers at the moment. Our logic filters aren’t currently as pristine as Virgo would prefer.  They are clouded, in parts, with confusion, delusion and all manner of debris soaked up from other people.  All are the offshoots of pressure between Saturn, the lord of rules, structure and form, and Neptune, ruler of formlessness and the sign that the Sun is currently visiting, Pisces.

That pressure holds another potential, though, and it is the way out. The Saturn/Neptune clash is challenging us to bridge our mundane and spiritual existences into one continuous way of being. The cosmic fog machine is at highest speed, whipping situations into scenes fit for cartoons to force us to realize how we have been fooling ourselves or not living truthfully. We’re being called to take responsibility for the beliefs we espouse and live by, update our definitions to match what is really and currently true, and bring our lives into alignment with them.

Keep all that in mind as situations, dramas and emotions escalate this week. How “real” is what’s cresting? Are you lying to yourself? Is someone lying to you? Are you caught up in someone else’s drama?  Just as importantly: Are you overthinking? Fixated on worst-case scenarios? Does what you’re upset about even exist?

It’s possible that none of these questions will fit you. You might actually find comfort and grounding in the Virgo Moon’s mental streak. Gathering information and analyzing may help you with your emotional processing, but remember:  your mind does not hold the map.  Your inner GPS is the only reliable navigational tool.

Use it. It will lead you straight into the tremendous healing potential of this Full Moon. It’s permeated with the therapeutic balm of Chiron, which has the power to dissolve the illusion of separation, wounded self-worth and the effects of other people’s baggage. Let emotions crest, sure. Analyze them, sure, but stop if you degenerate into beating up on yourself or looping through the same thoughts again and again.

Let your guidance lead you out. Ask for the route of compassion and forgiveness. Ask for soothing and quiet for your overactive mind. Ask for any fog around you to part and reveal higher truth.

You may feel better, and you’re prepping the stage for your future. The process of this Full Moon is pouring emotions and energetic healing into the foundations being reshaped once again by the final Uranus/Pluto square.  If you feel the need to get something out of your system so you can move on, this would be the time do it.

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