Cowabunga! 2015 Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

March 20, 2015

29 Pisces 27

2:36 AM PDT / 5:36 AM EDT / 9:36 AM GMT

The Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is an Alpha-and-Omega event. It’s bringing endings and beginnings of epic proportions, unifying and eliminating while yanking us out of hibernation in accelerated blossoming.

The year’s first eclipse is a force of nature, or rather, a paradoxical combination of forces.  Water and fire don’t normally coexist — water usually douses fire — but this time water is catalyzing and empowering the flames. (Thinking of fire as life force may make it easy to wrap your head around this.)

Unstoppable, emotional to the max and all-encompassing, the Pisces Moon is unleashing a tsunami that washes away everything that doesn’t fit on our recently restructured platforms — and delivers that power right into the rebirth-of-fire-and-life that comes with the beginning of spring.

Multiple characteristics create this intensity.  The New Moon is at the very last degree of Pisces and of the zodiac. The location is sometimes called the degree of ultimate sorrow, because it contains all  existence and carries the pain and suffering of every living being.  The degree is also conjunct the first degree of the zodiac, known as the Aries point. This location is significant for the collective, because  the degree connects individuals to the world at large.  The upshot? This New Moon blurs boundaries and scrambles personal experience with everyone else’s. We may be flooded by compassion; we may simply be flooded. (Empaths, prepare to wring yourselves out.)

The New Moon has the added power of a solar eclipse, which jettisons some aspects of life as we know it as it catapults us forward. It’s like a scene change in theater. The lights go to black and in the darkness the stage crew moves scenery around, some characters leave and others come in. The lights then come up and show who and what are now on stage. Martyrdom, sacrifice and carrying other people’s burdens drive many of the set changes, particularly decisions not to engage in any of that any longer. Star Trek’s prime directive is a pertinent guideline: not to interfere with another’s right to self-determination. The lights will be gradually coming up on this eclipse through at least September, when the year’s next solar eclipse occurs, in the opposite (and boundary-loving) sign of Virgo. Some change in your cast of characters is inevitable. Perhaps you are already seeing this.

The timing of this eclipse is another factor. The New Moon comes 13 hours before the vernal equinox, the moment the sun enters Aries and officially launches spring.  Even though the Sun and the Moon will have moved on from Pisces at the equinox, they’ll still be resonating with the eclipse that drop-kicked them across the line  — as will the entire spring.

This New Moon is not merely ending winter and ushering in the next season, though. The event is also taking us from long and painful life-reshaping tumult into situations that will ultimately calm and settle.  It’s the lead-out for the final Uranus/Pluto square, the last lurch in the radical foundational restructuring we have all been undergoing since 2012.

That process has been rocky to the max. Think of where you were three years ago (try seven, if you really want to open your mind) and compare it to now. How much of your old life remains, especially inside of you?  The worst of the upheaval subsided by last fall, when we finally had the opportunity to begin to work with the changes instead of fight and scream and resist.

Until the last two weeks, that is, when hothead Mars joined Uranus’ rebel outfit and did battle with Pluto and demons from the depths. That set off nigh-on apocalyptic breakdowns and reckonings, which escalated frustration, fury, adrenalin bursts and swearing jags, when then armed and motivated us for the tectonic plate shifting of the final square.

After that, who wouldn’t benefit from some emotional release? The solar eclipse is providing that, in spades.  Reactions are pouring out to more than this week, more than this month, more than one individual experience. Don’t hold back. Don’t judge other people, either, even if they look to be going overboard, from your perspective. We’ve all got a backlog of pent-up emotion.

Let it go. Let it flow.  It’s watering the restructured turf on which you’re building the next stage of your life. It’s fueling the growth coming in the spring. You’re preparing for upgrades. Trust that. And ride the waves. Even the big one.


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