Forecast for April 2015

Have the last few weeks been rocky? Challenging? Filled with breakdowns, disruptions and uncommonly weird events? Are you physically exhausted but not sleeping through the night?

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April delivers a triple punch that signals a new season is here at last. The hits come in a cluster, rather than a distinct one-two-three, and we’ll be tingling with them all month long: Drastic clean-up work on the rockiness of last month and the preceding three years.  Stuck and dormant situations roaring back to life. Others bursting into new growth that goes from sprout to blossoming plant like sped-up time-lapse photography.

The clean-up work comes with escalating emotions, “Eureka!” moments, heart-changing disclosures, slamming doors and relationship shifts with no going back. All are byproducts of the Libra Full Moon on the 4th.  It’s a lunar eclipse, which always brings revelations and endings.  These tie directly to the relentless and radical reshaping of our foundations that cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto have been forcing since June 2012. Relationships and agreements that have been teetering have little chance of remaining standing now. The collapses, door slamming and chapter closings come with messages and realizations that bring finality, and an infusion of self-confidence that helps us ultimately see the personal benefit.

Even if you’re prepared, even if you’re philosophical and resolved, the month’s first eight days could be rocky. They’re putting us all through another round of profound evolution, which is deepening our knowledge of ourselves,  (not always gently or comfortably) and unlocking our minds and definitions of ourselves (ditto).

This growth spurt zooms us into a new level of personal clarity, just as Jupiter goes direct (on the 8th) and heats up situations that have been quiet since December 9.  Once the lord of beneficence begins moving forward, he’ll be powering up the life force of new and innovative developments that have been germinating since last fall. Watch for relationships, creative pursuits and just plain fun to catch fire and fill vacancies being left by the eclipse.

And fun is in fact on the agenda for a change. When Venus enters Gemini on the 11th, relationships take on a welcome light-heartedness. We’ll be inclined to hang out with pals, take refuge in amusing conversation (minus emotional charge, please) and let short attention spans run free.

Interactions become more purposeful after Mercury moves into Taurus on the 14th.  From then till the 27th, Venus and Mercury occupy each other’s home sign, a relationship called mutual reception, which intertwines their spheres of influence. As relationships, creativity, money and values commingle with our thoughts, talk, data flow and means of getting around, the old ad slogan “Reach out and touch someone” will take on a double meaning.

Pluto, the lord of unavoidable change, beings a five-month retrograde on the 16th, which will slowly, inexorably perform more deep level rot removal and cleaning in the platforms on which we’re building the next phase of our lives. His journey may involve weeding out phobias, irrational thinking and other pests that would otherwise threaten either the revived or sprouting situations coming forth now.

Pluto’s shift will be easy to miss in the flurry of activity around the Aries New Moon on the 18th. Amping up bold, self-starting impulses, it coincides with its ruler Mars encouraging daring, grandiose and downright reckless actions. A lot of those will involve or affect relationships. With the two rulers of love, Venus and Neptune, squaring off, we could be forced to act compassionately, or be taken in by romanticism or delusions of the heart.

Odds are we’ll quickly know which is occurring. The last 10 days of the month, the noise level increases, encouraging talk and collecting data, targeting our actions and landing on important and empowering information, realizations and decisions.  Doorways are opening that invite letting desire blossom to indulgent extremes. Take care what you want. You’re more likely to make a split-second decision and leap through a doorway, rather than stand and consider and then walk through it.

Split-second has its benefits, of course. Time to think isn’t part of the equation of the relationship breakthroughs on offer as Venus contacts Uranus. Unexpected upgrade is the theme, whether the form is a friendship flipping into romance or a financial/job-related opening out of seemingly nowhere. Regardless of form, it’s an outgrowth of the Uranus/Pluto restructuring process, the Libra lunar eclipse, and Jupiter pouring flame accelerant on inner, creative and romantic fires.  It’s payoff. It comes with the sensation of long-standing wounds to our heart and self-image healing at last, with powerlessness, futility and beating up on ourselves fading into the past.

That’s a heady cocktail of catalytic change. The point and, more importantly, benefit of all that upheaval is becoming not just clear, but also tangible. It inspires going after life with joyous ferocity. Don’t hold back. Higher guidance is at your disposal; reach for it and you won’t go astray.  With Mercury taking off for his home base of Gemini on the 27th, there’ll be so many fascinating ideas and places and people to explore. Off you go.


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