2015 Aries New Moon

April 18, 2015
11:56 AM PDT / 2:56 PM EDT / 6:56 PM GMT
28 Aries 25

With the Aries New Moon, a spark is catching fire in each one of us. No matter how rocky the past six weeks have been, energy, motivation and just plain rambunctiousness are surging now.

No more hiding. No more wondering when, or whether, this most tenacious winter will finally be over. No more waiting for the ground to crack under you yet again, or for another shoe to fall, smack onto your head.  It’s time to make like Fred Astaire singing to Ginger Rogers:  “Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again.”

No one’s likely to go about this tentatively. Life force is roaring into full-throttle impulses, actions and reactions. The fuel will be all over the map:  Anger. Frustration. Excitement. Adventure. Passion. Relief at seeing an opening, finally, and charging for it.

Forethought factors little in this frenzy. We’re in for an epidemic of leaping without looking. Take care where your attention is going, because that’s where you’re heading.

Look backward if you must, but only to address, clean up and restructure situations so you can get on with the next big phase. Those tasks have demanded plenty of attention the past six weeks, as a three-year process of remodeling the foundations of our lives hit a point of no return. We’ve been in a gateway this month, a space between structures that have collapsed and new, more supportive ones that are already in place (though we might not yet see or trust them). This New Moon takes us out of the gateway and onto those replacement structures — at times kicking and screaming, at others running and leaping, and sometimes hollering, “Yeehaw!”

Sitting still is not much of an option. (Do you really want to, at this point?) The Moon’s ruler Mars, the god of action and war, is making an easy link to the other cosmic commander of power and aggression, Pluto, lord of the underworld and all that lurks outside of human consciousness and will. With them at work, good luck staying stuck.

Their teamwork is summoning — or drawing on — impulses from deep within our cells and psyches. They prompt bold action without weighing the risks. Some of this could be dramatic to an extreme  — running into a burning building, overthrowing a several-ton car to free a trapped baby, striking back at a physical attacker.

Super powers could emerge in other ways, without overtly resembling an action movie. The Mars/Pluto kick gives the backbone — the sense of having no other option, actually — to tackle situations that scare the you-know-what out of you. It supplies the nerve to deal with lingering aspects of all that structural reworking that’s been going on. You could finally give notice to an abusive employer. Make that career change that’s been nagging at you. Launch the business you’ve been creating in your mind. Unplug dead relationships from life support. File for divorce or go after back child support. Schedule the doctor appointment you’ve been avoiding, or bring in a contractor for long-needed home repair. Revamp your finances, face your debt and come up with a plan for paying it down. Kill off tolerations once and for all.

You might be on the receiving end of some of this, as well, but you’ll have the gumption to respond. Mars/Pluto bring out a ferocity that can be unnerving and does not fit comfortably in polite society.

Psychological beasties will be on the prowl. You’ll see them in other people’s behavior and experience them in yourself, too. Core issues may surface that you had no idea were in you, even after everything you’ve been confronting the last few years. These are lower-level beasties, which likely been lurking, growing and steering your ship from deep within your cells, possibly predating your ability to think or speak. Emergence could actually be physically unpleasant.

Don’t fight it; don’t try to shove the beasties back into hiding. You have what it takes to face whatever bubbles up and change it to your benefit. Doing this may feel, at its worst, as if you are cleaning out a failed root canal. You’ve got the incentive, bravery and drive to get it over with. The process will be empowering and beneficial, more quickly than you might hope going into it. You’ll have more space for all that fire to fill. And off you’ll go.

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