2015 Scorpio Full Moon

May 3-4, 2015

8:42 PM PDT / 11:42 PM EDT / 3:42 AM GMT

13 Taurus 22 / 13 Scorpio 22

May’s Scorpio Full Moon continues the clean-up work we’ve been facing after the rockiness of March and April.  The intensity and irrationality of the emotional purging may feel like an eclipse, but don’t be fooled. Eclipse season is over until the fall. This Moon is simply shining light even more deeply than it has gone so far this year.

This moon’s polarity always stirs issues of give and take (usually out of whack, and never in your direction, it seems), trust and betrayal, investments and return, cold hard cash, and all kinds of other issues we don’t normally trot out into polite society.  They can’t stay in hiding now. Too much is dragging them out for airing now.

The Sun and the Moon are in close, direct contact to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and all those aforementioned issues, as well as matters, impulses and influences outside — or below — the normal scope of mortal existence. He’s bearing down on the tender spot that got worked over in March and April, where the last battle in a three-year life-altering struggle took place. The clash permanently reshaped the foundations of our lives (and many a relationship). We’re still feeling emotional shockwaves and, more importantly, still experiencing the emergence of startling little monsters we had no idea were within, crawling out of our very cells.

Watch for more of them to crawl out now. The days before the Full Moon are enticing them, thanks to a passel of uncomfortable, anxiety-provoking aspects pitting Mercury and Mars against the outer planets. Don’t stifle. Let the beasties surface. It’s time for them to come out, so the new foundations can settle without their undermining interference. No matter how scary them might seem, no matter how uncomfortable their emergence might be (and it could affect your physical body), they’ll lose their power in the light and possibly shrivel away.

Some of them point to a need for validation, acknowledgement, recognition or outlets for self-expression. The Sun and the Moon are making a T-square to Jupiter, a dynamic configuration that demands movement. Our rational and emotional sides are pressuring the inner child and our inherent need to shine and matter.  The pressure will push some into making a scene (Leo is one for drama and the spotlight), while others will respond by moving more fully into self-expression and generosity of spirit.  For them, the pressure will act as a bellows causing their inner light to expand its size and reach and shine bigger and brighter. For all, the ultimate release lies in expressing individual uniqueness.

The discomfort that so many of us have with being ourselves — with it being acceptable to be ourselves — will translate into overcompensation now. Remember that if you observe an outburst that seems out of proportion to the surface trigger. People are phenomenally sensitive to not getting their due. If someone reads evil motives into innocent behavior, likely they feel that are not receiving an appropriate and meaningful return on their investment in the situation. It could be financial; it could be emotional; it could be energetic. It could be a reaction to something that happened years ago, likely not involving the same people as whatever is happening now. It could be paranoid and outright nuts, to anyone but the person making the outburst.

Although not necessarily. The person doing the venting may well suspect that something is out of kilter. It’s easy not to be sure of much of anything right now, thanks to the square Saturn is making to Neptune. Saturn rules structure, and Neptune is absolute formlessness. Saturn is in the sign of our world view, and Neptune in his home base of transcendence. Their pressure will abate during the summer, then return and peak in the fall. For now, they raise the ongoing question of what is reality and what is an illusion.

Use this weird mix of energies to your benefit. Actively look for evidence of rot, decay or unhealthiness that you would benefit from addressing. If you’re overdue for a meltdown, go privately nuts. Let your inner child pour out her darkest, most irrational fears. Listen to them. For one thing, it’ll help Adult You to get them out of your system; for another, they may indicate where reciprocity is out of balance for you.

As for what you observe coming out of others: Looking at this weekend as Halloween in May will keep it in perspective.  Ghouls and goblins may be on the prowl. Tread lightly and kindly. If what you see sets you off, consider whether — or rather, why — it is reverberating in you. Open that baggage up. Clean it out and leave it at the curb. You’re creating space for your light to expand — and for soothing, healing emotions to rush in later in the month. Tackle the beasties. Face those fears. Purge, baby, purge.

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