Mercury Retrograde log

Here we go!  A doozie of a Mercury retrograde is with us from May 18 – June 11. This retrograde is taking place in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini, aka Communication Central, which will make the snafus all the quicker. He’s also making hard contacts to Neptune, the planet of illusion, and Chiron, bringer of healing, which will escalate confusion and delusion. Read more in my article Handling a Mercury Retrograde.

No surprise then that the build-up has already been nutso. I started making a list on the 15th. Here’s what’s happened between then and the retrograde’s technical start:

  • My Time Machine back up drive went out for 12 hours and then came back on by itself
  • My smartphone stopped automatically downloading email despite settings instructing it to do so every 15 minutes
  • The regulator motor broke in one of my rear car windows and left it 1″ down from the top, after I touched the control, by accident, for the first time in the seven years that I’ve owned this car
  • An IRS agent’s computer went down while I was on the phone with him
  • The ATM at the only branch of my bank for miles went temporarily out of service
  • The breaker flipped for all the overhead lights in my living and dining room (none of which were on)
  • One of the two elevators in a Manhattan office building went out of service

And now that the retrograde has started:

  • The replacement base for my Magic Bullet fruit extractor smoked on its first use out of the box. As in, wispy white stuff coming off it.
  • The seller of said base says he’s heard about this from other customers. His explanation is oil on the motor. The Magic Bullet customer service people think something different — that the earlier blades are not compatible with the new replacement base.
  • The electrician says there is no connection between his moving the breaker box and within a week the circuit for the overhead lights starting to go out (with none of them on) when they never had a problem before
  • The up escalator went out of order at Grand Central Station
  • Email has been bouncing to one of my email accounts and from a different one
  • I sent out a letter with the correct names and addresses but the wrong ones in the greeting
  • I received this text:mercury retrograde


  • All the messages disappeared in my email folder for a publication I write for.
  • Although I have my mail set up to remain on the server that hosts my domain, all the messages that disappeared from the email folder on my computer are also missing from the server. And so is everything between May 21 and 27. Tech support at my domain host speculates that MacMail somehow spontaneously and selectively deleted messages from the server, in a first-ever occurrence in 8 year of use
  • One week after I purchase a newspaper subscription (and no deliveries) there is no record of me in the system
  • Client sends the message “everything is broken”
  • Posting photos on my Facebook business page is a game of roulette. Sometimes they post; mostly site hangs up. Personal page posts go through without problem.

I will be adding to this list as the retrograde goes on. Feel free to add your experiences in the comments.

© Kathy Biehl 2015. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde log

  1. Submitted by one reader:
    Three year old microwave turned into a giant LED clock/timer and had to be replaced.

    HVAC system at work mysteriously just stopped working.

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