2015 Sagittarius Full Moon

June 2, 2015
11 Gemini 49 / 11 Sagittarius 49
9:18 AM PDT / 12:18 PM EDT / 4:18 PM GMT

What do you believe to be true about yourself, your possibilities and the world at large? The Sagittarius Full Moon is igniting impassioned action, reaction and rebellion that further some of those beliefs — and break free of others.

It’s an intellectual Moon, in theory. In practice, this one is volatile and emotional to an extreme. It’s bringing us back to life from the pummeling we’ve been through from March until last week. A lot’s pent up within us, and emotional realizations and eruptions, positive and otherwise, are turning that complex, pent-up blend into rocket fuel under this Moon. The fuel ignites a burst this week and continues inspiring us, motivating us and egging us on for the next three weeks.

This Full Moon is both a summing up of that pummeling and a warm-up for what we’re going to do about it. In the summing up part, take the emotions cresting now as feedback about the past three months. If you’re frustrated and fed up, for example, your perspective or frame of reference likely played a role. You may have hit the end of the line (think newscaster Howard Beale in Network, bellowing “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it.”) In a more positive vein, you could be ready to move away from the pummeling and foundation crumbling and head for more expansive horizons.

As for the warmup, this Full Moon is pumping up the fiery flow between its ruler Jupiter, the most expansive force in the sky, and Uranus, the agent of unpredictable change. Jupiter and Uranus are moving into the third and last of three trines activating the freedom-seeking, self-actualizing end of the Uranus/Pluto square (which has rocked us since summer 2012). The final trine will be exact on June 22 (in time to stamp its impact on the chart for the summer), but we’re feeling it already. Energy is coursing and coursing through us  — life force, anger, passion, drama, incentive, Popeye’s spinach; use whatever label(s) you prefer. The fieriness is stoking confidence, boldness and an unquestioning drive to blaze forward into new approaches, projects and structures.

Adding to the motivation is Mars, planet of action, standing just ahead of the Sun. He’s the first planet that the Moon and the Sun will contact after their meeting, and that impending touch adds to the accelerated, talkative character of this Full Moon. He’s also whipping up the grandiose breakout action, through a cooperative link to Jupiter and Uranus (in Mars’ home sign of Aries and therefore under the warrior god’s command). His participation encourages thought, talk, movement, assertiveness, aggression and the willingness to shake things up.

The combination is ideal for tossing out tolerations and rewriting beliefs, world views or ways of thinking that bring you pain or imprison you.  (Caitlyn Jenner’s debut on the cover of Vanity Fair is one dramatic example.) On a larger scale, this Full Moon is escalating issues of intolerance, prejudice (pre-judging), racism, legal and political philosophies, and all things foreign (people, places, cultures, languages, religions). Some of those may be calling on you personally as well. Chiron’s hard angle to the Full Moon is calling for compassion and finding commonality simply in being human.k. This is not a time to live small or scale back, at least on the level of theory. Dream big. Fly high. Take huge risks. You have everything to gain, most especially yourself.


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