Astrology Forecast for the 2015 Aquarius Full Moon

2015 Aquarius Full Moon
July 31, 2015
3:42 AM PDT / 5:32 AM EDT / 10:42 AM GMT
7 Leo 55 / 7 Aquarius 55

Where do you fit in the new scheme of things? The Aquarius Full Moon delivers a status report on what all the recent changes mean for you and your pack — and motivates you to express your boldest self, no holding back.

As with any Full Moon, this event brings a culmination of feelings and developments that have been in process.  This summer we’ve started to see possibilities and benefits opening up in the aftermath of three years of structures collapsing around and under us.  Much of the new regime is still up in the air — not quite taking shape, not yet delivering substance we can rely on, not yet landing on the ground.

Some may hit a construction milestone under this Full Moon. Whether your outer circumstances change much at all, though, your inner journey promises to be a wild one. It’s releasing hooks, both known and unsuspected, and prompting, yea even daring you to act on your feelings, act on your dreams and do something to pull sone of those possibilities into being.

The Full Moon is jacking up the radical, rebellious, individuating end of the recent cosmic change imperative and making it highly, uniquely personal.  Aquarius may in theory be a detached and intellectual placement for a Moon, but the table tilts coming under this particular one have the capacity for derring-do, passion, steaminess and, possibly, pissiness.

This comes from a round robin of rulerships that pulls two planets into this Moon. The Moon is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, agent of unforeseeable, perspective-tilting change.  Uranus is in impulsive, free-agent Aries, which is ruled by Mars, the planet of push. And Mars is in sensitive, emotional, prone-to-take-things-personally Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon.  They’re connected like a Moebius strip, each leading inextricably to the other.

The linking makes for visceral, forceful, startling and unpremeditated action. Well, unpremeditated at that particular instance, maybe. Odds are great the notion will have been stewing and stewing for some time.

Friends, organizations and wishes figure prominently in many of the areas of focus, as well as the triggering events. You’re discovering how you really feel about some of them, and then acting on that awareness.

In some cases this means separating from a friend or a group or, more likely, embracing the realization that you have already separated. (You’re in the first wave of processing data coming off retrograde Venus squaring Saturn in Scorpio, which is smoking out secrets, missing pieces and rectified balance sheets from all manner of past or longtime connections.) In other cases it means a sudden leap into the future — recognizing a shiny brass ring and grabbing it, spying an opening and diving through it, seeing a Bat signal in the sky and showing up with cape billowing.

The deciding factor is your unique path. If a situation does not dovetail with that, breaking away is easy now. (Perhaps effortless, even necessary; situations might simply snap apart). (No pity parties, please.) Friends, groups and dreams that are in alignment will not only feel more right, but also trigger — and deliver — epiphanies and developments that inspire, catalyze and propel.

You’re blasting off. Yes, you’ve done this before, this summer even.  Every blast allows you to move more freely. This one is injected with triple-action fuel (like the sprays and powders with alleged supernatural powers). It facilitates processing all that has happened lately, pulls emotions out from logic and delivers a catalyst customized to you. Let it rip. It’s taking you ever further into yourself.

I’ve put together a short playlist on Spotify for the Aquarius Full Moon

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