Following up on Astro-Politics: Trump’s on Fire

Last week I posted an analysis of Donald Trump’s chart predicting that fire was coming to a head for him at the Leo New Moon August 14.

“I’m still waiting,” I’m hearing. Yes, he has not spontaneously combusted. Yet.

A few things to note:

  1. A New Moon cycle affects 30 days. Something has been lit, even if we aren’t seeing it yet.
  2. The press reported, at the New Moon, that he’s been called for jury duty.
  3. I predicted clarity to come:  “Expect the ramifications to become ever clearer in September, when Venus and Saturn go direct and ultimately change signs. By November Saturn crosses Trump’s Lilith. I don’t normally pay attention to Lilith, but mention her now because as Adam’s first wife, she does represent the scorned, devalued woman. There will be consequences.”

Read the original post.

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