Forecast for September, 2015

September is a gateway. As it goes on, it will feel like the pivotal month of the year — though the enormity of its impact might not be immediately apparent.

Its 30 days bring a breathtaking pile-up of influences: wrapping up and moving on from the old business of the summer; two eclipses, which are energizing one cycle and bringing another to a close; the fall equinox, which carries the sky’s energies forward throughout the season; and everybody’s favorite astro-occurrence, Mercury retrograde. All this lands us in and awakens us to the situations, connections and structures growing out of the upheaval of the past three years. (Not that turmoil is dying back. We’ll be shoring up how we’re dealing with it, rather than feeling the ground collapse beneath us.)

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The air of wrapping up and moving on dominates the first half of the month. The journey of the heart we’ve be on since mid-July is shifting gears, as Venus, ruler of all we value, ends her retrograde. She’s been taking us through a revisiting and rediscovery of people, places and things that were once dear, or still are, or newly are.  (Along the way, we’ve been picking up lost pieces of ourselves as well.) Massive realizations in this department meet motivation to do something about them on the first, when Venus joins with Mars, ruler of our drive and gumption.  This contact fuses the masculine and feminine in fixed fire, which bodes well for follow-through after she goes direct on the 6th.

We’re also ending cleaning up lingering agenda items from 2013-2014 that have been rearing their unwelcome, unpleasant little heads since the end of May. No matter what the surface form, all involve dirty, uncomfortable issues we don’t talk about easily or openly — joint finances, debt, taxes, reciprocity and return on investment, trust, intimacy, s-e-x. They’ve come back up thanks to Saturn, ruler of order, structure and the status quo, returning for one final pass through Scorpio, where he spent the past two calendar years.

This trigger for summer introspection says “See you in 30 years” to resource-focused Scorpio on the 17th and moves into Sagittarius for the next two years. His time there will press us to take responsibility for our world view and belief systems (and their ramifications), which will be a defining theme of the fall.

The month’s two eclipses add to the air of phases ending and shifting gear. The Virgo New Moon on the 12th/13th is a solar eclipse, starkly resetting issues of boundaries, health and service. With bigger-is-better Jupiter in his first full month in Virgo, both the clearing out and the propelling forward could be huge. (Read my article about what Jupiter in Virgo holds for all of us; order my talk and guides for each sign here.) Meanwhile, the relationship rewriting of the past 18 months hits a chapter close at the Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 27th. This one underscores “I’m not tolerating that anymore” with “And I really mean it!” Neither eclipse is a one day event, remember, but instead will be rolling out over months.

In between the two eclipses Mercury goes retrograde, on the 17th, until the 9th of October. Mercury is the ruler of our information and transportation systems, which require extra attention when he is in retrograde motion. (Read my article about handling a Mercury retrograde.)

While it is true that misunderstandings will flourish, phones and computers will malfunction and traffic will jam, this particular retrograde holds actual useful potential in the midst of what else is occurring this month.  Mercury is in Libra, relationship central, inclining us to take others in account and talk with them, graciously and pleasingly, even.  The retrograde comes after we have assimilated the summer’s calibrating triggers and are operating under a newly honed approach to relationships (what we want, how we get it, what we put in, what we get out, etc.) It’s between eclipses that are rebooting boundaries and shutting down previous relationship agreements. And it starts the very day that Saturn, one of the summer review triggers, enters the sign of life philosophy and the higher mind.

The combined effect supersizes the possibilities of rethinking, readdressing, investigating and learning more about many many relationship developments. Seize opportunities to do that. Talk. Explore. Revisit. Ask questions you may have not had the nerve to pose before. Work with it. The approach will give you something more productive to do than scream at traffic jams and computers hanging up (though screaming has, admittedly, an appeal when Mercury retrograde becomes too much). Besides, we’re in different territory now, building different structures and different forms of relationships. They’re not looking, feeling or operating like their predecessors, so old assumptions don’t apply and will be counterproductive.  Get the lay of the land. Push past facades. Talk things out.

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