Forecast for 2015 Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

September 12-13, 2015
11:41 PM PDT / 2:41 AM EDT / 6:41 AM GMT
20 Virgo 10

The fall’s eclipses bookend the equinox with a massive rebooting of all of our relationship equations. The first blast comes from the Virgo New Moon, a solar eclipse that resets boundaries and habits and impels us toward sane, healthy choices. It points us to the future, while the Aries lunar eclipse to follow slams the door on the past.

Expect this New Moon to pack a wallop. It is escalating impulses to clean house, to reorganize, to redraw borders and to get sober. More than the eclipse status is behind those drives. This is the first time in 12 years that the Moon has been new in Virgo with Jupiter in the sign as well. Jupiter increases everything he touches, and while he is not technically close enough to the New Moon to count, his recent shift in mode is already having an impact that will carry over into the Moon’s influence.

Only a month in the sign of Virgo, Jupiter has already switched the vibe from long, hot summer to back-to-work. Improvement projects are everywhere we look: in the mirror, in our homes and offices, in our schedules and, most importantly, in all our dealings. We’re newly aware of our proximity to other people, and especially their dramas — and we are losing both patience with and willingness to go anywhere near them. (That Facebook meme “Not my monkeys; not my circus” has only begun its invasion of social media. Just watch.)

(Read my article about what Jupiter in Virgo holds for all of us; order my talk and guides for each sign here.)

As a result, we’re already inclined toward this solar eclipse’s mission as it kicks in. We are beyond willing to let go, to ditch behaviors and regimens and to eject anything that no longer feels healthy or safe. With the subtlety of a guillotine if need be. Review work we did this summer has brought us to this point, as taskmaster Saturn allowed one last look at issues of joint resources, reciprocity, return on investment, trust and intimacy that were not adequately dispatched during his time in Scorpio in 2013-2014. As this eclipse takes place, he’s sitting in the last minutes of the final degree of that most extreme sign, a zodiacal location so finely honed it can split a hair simply by moving toward it.

The combined impact is epic in scale and absolutely final. Anything and anyone that leaves now — and there will be departures — is not coming back. Not no way, not no how. Boundaries are moving in tighter and closer; anything that ends up on the far side of the fence is likely to stay there, at a safer, observable distance. As we tidy up our side of the fence, anything and everything is up for cleaning, reorganizing and improvement.

Much of what occurs will involve adjustments growing out of the long term change imperative that has been rocking our world for the past three years or more. This fall we are moving from constant upheaval into a clean-up and reconstruction phase (which will, alas, still come with a component of turmoil). This New Moon flips switches in response to the liberating, individuating Uranian end of the change imperative. (Action on the deep level transformative, Plutonian end comes in October.) Constraining situations that have blown apart, Lone Ranger impulses that have ignited, impulses to be more boldly true to the self — all of these now require some sweeping up, rearranging and, again, redrawing of patterns and boundaries.

With this eclipse closely opposing Chiron, the reboot will also have a decided therapeutic and protective element, breaking tendencies toward enmeshment and distancing us from other people’s wounds, problems and issues. Burden bundles are being restored to their rightful owners. It’s not healthy for you to carry anyone else’s, and it’s not healthy for the bundle owner, either.

As with any solar eclipse, this will play out over months, likely into next spring. Think of it as a set change between acts in a play. The stage goes dark. The crew moves scenery and set pieces off and on. Some characters exit; others appear or are in the wings waiting for their cue. The lights fade up and gradually reveal the set and characters for the next scene.

When you see evidence of a cosmic stage crew at work, don’t expect to be able to undo it. Save your energy for what you can do:  Assess. Clean. Rethink. Reorganize. Make choices to support your health and sanity, in how you treat your body, how you run your schedule, and how you share space with others.


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3 thoughts on “Forecast for 2015 Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

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    Here is some good information about the upcoming eclipses, the first of which is happening September 12/13th. Buckle up and hang in there! It’s all for good. It’s possible that I may take a social media break for a while as I am sometimes led to do during eclipse season. If I’m not around, that’s why
    🙂 Much love to all and eclipse well!

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