Forecast for October 2015

At last, a month when life starts making sense. Turmoil, new boundaries, reboots and endings are still rampant, but some situations are settling into recognizable contours and sturdy, supportive foundations. They’ve been showing warning signs of firming up, and now they’re hitting an accelerated construction phase, as if in sped-up stop-action animation. Even if we don’t like everything we see, we stand to benefit from plenty of it.

Before this action gets fully underway, two review processes end back-to-back and affect how we go into the stabilizing. The first involves heart and desire. Venus, ruler of all we hold dear (love, money, beauty, creativity), changes mode on October 8. She is packing up the gold, glitter and memories of her long summer in high drama, self-oriented Leo, where her retrograde helped us explore people and activities that were once very important to us. (And possibly reclaim bits of ourselves.) When she enters Virgo, our approach to relationships and money drops the showiness and become more analytical and inclined to treat them as improvement projects.

What we think and say to others shifts almost simultaneously. Mercury, ruler of how we communicate and get around, stations retrograde on October 9, at the first degree of the relationship sign of Libra, smack on top of the North Node of destiny and the collective experience. Since mid-September, he has taken us on a research mission, unearthing pivotal data that previously got dropped or overlooked. At times it’s also been a fantastic voyage through confusion, crossed signals, misunderstandings and lies. His about-face on such a sensitive point marks a turnaround in all manner of communicating — our own thinking and speaking, the information channels we use (or expose ourselves to), conversation at a collective level — and the agreements we have about how we are going to treat each other.

As our hearts and minds move into a changed mode of expression, a cluster of influences midmonth are moving us out of the upheaval portion of the cosmic change imperative (aka the last three years or so) and into manifestation and stabilization. The centerpiece is the easy flow of energy between bigger-is-better Jupiter and Pluto, the lord of unavoidable metamorphosis, not to mention summoner of psychological beasties from the depths.

This month Jupiter is sending the first of three boosts to Pluto as he reshapes the foundations of our lives. (Rounds two and three arrive next March and June.) This one comes with our hearts and drive on board, since their rulers will be in the same sign as Jupiter, Virgo. (Mars, ruler of our actions, and Venus, ruler of all we hold dear).  The boost has multiple effects: speeding up and deepening rebuilding; speeding up the formation of platforms, situations and relationships that have been brewing; making all of this more efficient; cleaning up debris; analyzing the health and sturdiness of what’s coming into being; sinking pylons deeper and deeper into the ground. The boost also empowers some less obviously beneficial results: luring ever-more beasties out of the depths; revealing deeper layers of rot; encouraging deeper and deeper levels of unstable foundations to collapse.

This boost brings the relief of stepping on solid ground, at last. The curative, motivating effect of a good housecleaning. And possibly a root canal of the heart. If that last possibility happens, it leads to effective clean-up and improvement of the situation. One reason is the detachment and ability to analyze on offer with Venus in Virgo. Another is that harmony and cooperation between hearts and will (as well as the male and the female, inside you and with folks outside) are very much in the air, with Venus and Mars not merely in the same sign, but warming up for their next private meeting in November.

October 11, 15, 17, 19, 23 and 25 are hot dates in the boosting process. You may feel it most strongly as each aspect builds (particularly the day before).

The second influence moving us from upheaval to new order is the Libra New Moon on October 12.  Your experiences of the past three years have laid the ground for everything that is seeded and begins to grow now. While Jupiter feeds the Plutonian time-for-structures-to-evolve end of the cosmic change imperative, this Moon event charges up the unforeseeable, liberating, paradigm-busting Uranian end of that equation. The resulting pressure forces new attitudes, approaches and agreements about relationships into being. It launches the next phase in how we live with each other, after the chapter closings of the September Aries lunar eclipse.

Expect what we want from each other to be focused, intense and all-consuming, when the two planets of desire and money, Venus and Pluto, team on the 23 — the same day the Sun enters the Pluto-ruled terrain of Scorpio. The last days of the month could put stashes of Halloween candy severely at risk. Justifying indulging will be easy as can be (“just one” sliding into half of the bag ), especially with messages flying around that are both exciting and fuel for jitters.

The first milestone in the stabilizing process comes on the 27th, with the Taurus Full Moon. It directs attention to physical and sensual reality — not promises, or hopes, or the dreams you spin from crumbs someone tosses your way, but actual, tangible developments you can taste, touch and embrace.

Any lingering anxiousness dissipates for Halloween weekend. Fantasy and escapism are in the air, and how. In the words of Rocky & Bullwinkle:  “Are they friendly spirits?” “I’ll say!” The holiday promises to be, of all things, peaceful; more Glinda the Good Witch, less vampires and zombies. Dress up and play; unplug and revel.

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