Forecast for 2015 Taurus Full Moon

October 27, 2015
5:05 AM  PDT / 8:05 AM EDT / 12:05 PM GMT
3 Taurus 44 / 3 Scorpio 44

Possession is a theme of October’s Taurus Full Moon. The Moon is lighting up what we possess — money, talents resources — here and now in this earthly existence, and especially how we feel about all of it. The theme has another side, though:  How and by what are we ourselves possessed?

Indicators of both ends of this spectrum have been flying the past week or two. They have teemed with significant milestones involving matters close to our hearts and bank accounts. Some situations have taken on firmer contours or solidified; others have felt the swift and irreversible whack of a machete. These milestones are key as the landscapes of our lives morph into foundations and structures that replace the chaos of the past three years.

The Taurus Full Moon shows the real-world ramifications of and our very real-world, tangible, physical emotional reactions to what is now taking shape in our lives.  Taurus is the “Show Me the Money!” moon, with no taste for the theoretical or impractical. It may have the same ruler as Libra, but unlike that intellectual, word-oriented sign, Taurus takes a simpler, more direct approach to all things Venus (desire, love, money, beauty, creativity and our precious possessions). Instead of running them (and indeed all of existence) through the mind, Taurus experiences them through the body, physically, worldly, sensually.  Because the Taurus Full Moon includes Scorpio in this picture, our current responses are instinctual, primal, cellular and tenacious to an extreme.

This Moon spotlights the condition of our toys, our attachment to them, protection of them and, in some cases, ownership by them. Think about what you own. Do you actually use it? Do you enjoy or consume it? Are you burdened by it? Does any of it own you? The Moon also raises questions of nurturance, trust, reliability and dependability. What is nourishing you right now? What is making you feel safe and secure?  What (and who) do you love? What (and who) do you value? Who do you trust to come through for you? Do you feel that anything of yours (possessions, job, money, value) is under attack? That someone is trying to take something away from you?

These questions come from the hosts of this Full Moon, the two rulers of desire and money, Venus and Pluto. They have been teaming in the past two weeks to foster those significant milestones. A few other links have been complicating the emotions surging now. Venus is Lucky Pierette between Jupiter (planet of optimism and expansion) and Mars (ruler of our drive and motivation), which is contributing an exaggerated push and even combativeness to behavior and reactions. Venus is also pulling vast emotional wounds to consciousness, through a direct link to Chiron.  This combination holds the potential for profound healing and incremental movement on long-standing desires, but it is simultaneously provoking instinctive and non-rational responses.

Watch for the psychological beasties on the rise. Some have been exposed and are simply running amok. Some are reacting to perceived threats to possessions and whipping up insecurities, territorialism, targeting, backbiting, backstabbing, conniving and outright skullduggery.  People with the calendar age of adults have been acting like the self-appointed cool kids in junior high, protecting what they perceive to be their turf and entitlement, and attacking those they see as lesser beings (which is to say, threats). The difference between now and junior high is the stakes, which are much, much higher than pushing someone to tears or the counselor’s office. Some of these attacks have the intent and perhaps effect of harming-to-destroying the target’s career, reputation and finances. Recognizing the terror and panic behind this behavior may help you deal with it, if it’s in your life or environment. You are witnessing a form of possession, by demons in their psyches. Strive to view these individuals with compassion — and move anything you care deeply about out of their way.

Spend your energy instead on your own physical reality. Consider the questions inspired by Venus and Pluto. Check with your heart, your gut, your very cells. Look at what has taken shape in your life recently. Put aside your wishes of what might be coming or growing. Ignore promises, or hopes, or the dreams you spin from crumbs someone tosses your way. Look instead at the actual, tangible developments you can taste, touch and embrace. How do they feel? How do they make you feel? What makes you ask, “More, please?” Ask. Then go for it.


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