Where Do We Go From *That*?


Well, we certainly plunged through a gateway Friday. I’d certainly been feeling and seeing physical-level anxiety all week — were you? Suddenly a reason for it was all over the news, a reason apart from whatever personal wounds and demons were already stirring in each of us.

One moment I was meeting a friend for a drink. The next we were learning that enjoying that unsuspecting people had just been gunned down for enjoying that same freedom. My view of the world changed in an instant. As we checked our cellphones for updates, 1930s pre-war Europe kept coming to mind. Watching eye-witness accounts on BBC World News late that night, I wondered if I would ever feel safe again.

Yes. You read that from the person who always sees grounds for optimism.

Then the response fell into my head. I told my friends it’s time to dance on the beach like Zorba the Greek. He met disaster by celebrating life. (Madonna urged a similar response in a concert the next night.) And that’s what I intend to do.

I’ve been saying for years that the outer world will look like it’s falling apart at the same time that many of us are entering the best periods of our lives. As we focus on keeping our individual corners of the universe clean, calm and, let’s hope, happy, maybe our experiences will radiate outward and help society regroup and rebuild. (If you know Emotional Freedom Technique, this tapping script will help you move from fear and helplessness toward calm and compassion.)

So what now?

Now comes clarity. (Including about who you are and what’s most important to you most likely.) And gotta-have-it desires pressuring for change with a force that could create diamonds. After which the philosopher-fool struts in. and tosses off wisdom disguised as joking.

More in my Astro-Insight podcast for Nov.  16 – 22  (7:50 minutes).

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