Forecast for March 2016

March is a game changer. It launches with words and ideas kicking us into action and ends with desires and perspectives blowing wide open. In between is a combination tsunami and whirlwind of activity, emotional, mental and in the circumstances of our lives. Comings and goings, blossomings and endings, cleaning up and clearing out consume the month. In their wake they leave a blend of catharsis, relief, emotional outpouring and firm resolve. And likely spinning heads.

Not surprisingly, March is one of the most astrologically action-packed months of the year. Its four weeks contain two eclipses (one pumping the gas pedal on a cycle, the other wrapping a cycle up), more work on the upheaval of the last four years, and three planets changing signs.
Amid so much activity, each beat will be hard to distinguish. Instead, it will feel like we’re being hit with successive waves. Some of them grow out of the previous one, some are resurgences of the past (eight months, a year, 18 months, four years and 19 years ago are probable time frames), and some will come from places our conscious mind has no ability to pinpoint.

The Pisces New Moon on the 8th is the first eclipse, a solar.  Bigger-is-better Jupiter and Chiron, influence of healing, are in the mix. They’re making emotions, boundary and underdog issues and longstanding wounds crest into tsunamis, washing away some people and situations while depositing or anointing others.

Although the waters are surging and receding for weeks, the ebb tides reveal surprisingly stable ground. Jupiter is making the second of three assists to Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change. (The other two were last September and will be again in June.) Their teamwork is beaming right into the construction zone you know as the areas of your life that have undergone utter upheaval in the past four years.

The effect is two-sided. On the positive end, new or rebuilt structures are taking on more solid contours. Supports are sinking deeper. On the less immediately pleasant end, Jupiter’s golden light is reaching deeper into cracks that have opened up in recent years. No end of frightened and frightening psychological beasties are crawling to the surface. (Just look at the news, and behavior on social media.) Watch for stirrings,  of your own, of your friends’, and neutralize the beasties gently. “I wish you all the love and happiness I wish for myself” is a useful mantra. Say it even if you don’t mean it. To yourself, of course. Voicing that to someone’s face could get you punched, in the current climate.

Chapters are closing in relationships, our attitudes toward them and our operating ground rules with the second eclipse, the Libra Full Moon on the 23rd. All have been up for resetting and rebooting since October 1993. Since then we’ve reached increasing awareness of compromises and settling that can not continue. Even with the adjustments we’ve already made or experienced, with this lunar eclipse come decisive strikes underscored with “And I really mean it!”

Throughout all of this, logic is hardly the navigational system. Mercury, the planet the rules our thoughts, words and how we get around, unhooks all of his terrain from the rational and concrete when he travels through Pisces from February 5-21. Telepathy, impressions and osmosis will abound. They’ll carry more reliability than anything you read, hear or see.  When they contradict empirical evidence, trust them.

Starting with the 21st, communication and transportation shift to Aries and leap first, think later mode. Though more more energetic, bold and decisive than Pisces, this mode is another flavor of intuition and instinct, going on gut rather than thinking about and evaluating evidence and plans of action.

We get a foretaste of this forceful, aggressive potential at the month’s start, when Mercury slams into Mars, lord of war and the ruler of Aries, and shoves minds, mouths and tempers into action. That same day, March 5, Mercury heads for Pisces (see above) and Mars enters Sagittarius. Agendas, motivations and drives become more energetic and fiery. Optimism and humor are on the rise, but so are jingoism (“My way or the highway”) and arguing over politics and theories. Physical activity is a safe outlet.

Fortunately, our hearts are not gearing up for battle. Venus, goddess of love, money and creativity, is moving into Pisces, the sign of higher love and her exaltation, on the 12th. This shift stirs a potential for compassion, kindness and gentleness, an awareness of others (some call that empathy), and an appreciation of the arts, romance and other escapes from mundane reality.

She tells Mars what she wants in no uncertain terms on the 14th. (Sparks fit for a screwball comedy could fly!) On the 20th, she dissolves in blissful communion with Pisces’ ruler Neptune.   What she wants — and, by extension, what we’re looking for — mushrooms and demands satisfaction on the 25th, the very day that Saturn goes retrograde. Between then and his turnaround mid-August, we’ll be researching and tying up loose ends (perhaps legalities) to bring those desires into tangible form. An opportunity to get a taste of them opens on the 26th.

More importantly, her Piscean cloaking bodes well for coming through this month’s tumult decently, civilly and even lovingly. Let love for all beings guide your actions (say it even if you choke on it, please), and let that love begin with yourself. Exude that and endings will proceed with less rancor, while the new beginnings and blossoming of next stages will be all the more sweet.

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